With new curves, bride feels confident in her wedding dress


This year, Kim became the bride she had always dreamed of being. While her mother discouraged her from revealing too much cleavage in her gown, Kim was determined to pick a dress that accentuated her newly shaped body. Just two years ago, Kim was so self-conscious of having small breasts that she avoided clothes that drew any attention to her chest. This became extremely difficult when her lifestyle with her boyfriend involved regular trips to the river, desert, and formal events. “I was either in a bathing suit or a formal gown, neither of which I felt comfortable being in.” Coming from a family of females with large breasts, Kim just assumed they would one day grow.

One summer day, Kim decided it was time to make a change to increase her self-confidence. “I had seen several La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre employees socially that had breast augmentation and looked fabulous. They had similar bodies to mine so I was able to imagine what the surgery would do for me.” Kim, with the support of her boyfriend (now husband), came in to LJC to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon. “He took all of the information my boyfriend and I were giving him on exactly what type of breasts I wanted. He then gave us a realistic picture of what to expect.” Kim says that type of honesty made her realize that her surgeon would do everything he could to provide her with her desired results, but did not over-promise.

“The test-drive program at LJC where you actually try on implants with a tee shirt and then take pictures helped me more than I can say. You really get a feel of how you will look following the surgery.” Kim says going into surgery with the confidence of the Centre as a whole made all the difference in the world.

“The two areas that really stand out to me are that the O.R. is certified by the highest standards and follow-up at LJC is just as important as the procedure.”*Kim

Kim says that every visit she makes to LJC feels like a trip to see family. “I truly believe that every employee takes such pride in their job and they go above and beyond the call of duty.” Kim loves her new look, and wore her wedding dress with great pride. Now expecting her first child, she says the only regret she has is that she did not get the surgery five years earlier!

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