Mom maintains a natural look, with breast implants


La Jolla Breast Augmentation patient Kerilyn bubbles over with enthusiasm when asked her she feels about her cosmetic surgery procedure at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre. You may find it hard to believe that someone could be so excited about breast augmentation surgery until you read Kerilyn’s story.

The youngest of family of petite woman with small chests, Kerilyn decided to have surgery to enhance her breasts.

The mother of two had to say this about her struggles with her breast size, “I thought that maybe something would change with pregnancy, but my breasts actually were smaller and practically just skin after the birth of my second child. Something inside just tells you when the time is right, and for me, I had waited long enough and was ready to explore getting breast implants.”

Despite being financially and emotional prepared for the surgery, Kerilyn still had not decided on a physician or center to have her procedure.“This was really important to me so I searched the internet, asked friends, and finally went to some of the physicians I worked with at UCSD. Time after time, the name ‘Dr. Saltz’ kept coming up.”

She didn’t hesitate to make an appointment when she heard of board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Lori Saltz, Medical Director of La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre.

“I actually saw another plastic surgeon before going to Dr. Saltz. Yet from the minute I opened the doors at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, everything felt so different. There is a spa-like ambience that is very soothing and welcoming.”*Kerilyn

Kerilyn came prepared to her consultation, bringing stacks of magazines filled with what she hoped her body would look like after surgery. “I immediately felt a great connection with Dr. Saltz and her nurse. Dr. Saltz really understood that I wanted a very natural look that was proportionate to my body.”

Rather than discussing breast implant size, Dr. Saltz and Kerilyn’s consultation focused on natural looking results. “She is so straightforward. She doesn’t promise to make you into a supermodel, but assures you she will find the size that makes you comfortable, and help achieve your goals.”

By trusting Dr. Saltz’s suggestion, Kerilyn’s results were everything she dreamt. She had new found confidence and shopping for new clothes became an enjoyable activity.

Even though Kerilyn believed she couldn’t love Dr. Saltz anymore than she did after her breast implant surgery, 10 years later found herself trusting Dr. Saltz’s expertise again during a bad infection.

“While I was breastfeeding my youngest child, I came down with a really serious infection in my milk ducts. I went from doctor to doctor, being treated with a host of antibiotics to try and fight the bacterial infection. There reached a point where they brought in cosmetic surgeons to evaluate removing my implants until the infection healed.”

Kerilyn knew without a doubt she would not let anyone but Dr. Saltz do breast surgery on her.

“I think when you have any sort of problem, you really see what a doctor is made of by the way they handle the situation, and Dr. Saltz was beyond amazing.”*Kerilyn

To allow her body to heal, Dr. Saltz removed her implants. “Anytime you do a surgical procedure, it’s scary, but everyone at LJC let’s you know you are in the best care, and they treat you just like a member of the family.” Once she fully recovered. Kerilyn returned to La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre to have her breast implants replaced.

The proud mother of five and grandmother of two, Kerilyn says her relationship with Dr. Saltz and LJC is a life-long bond.“I’m just starting to think, after several caesarean sections, I am in need of a little tummy tuck. I will always want to look my best, and know without a doubt, that Dr. Saltz will be the plastic surgeon I turn to every time.“

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