Mom gets a tight tummy after having 3 kids


Although Taunya leads a very busy life, she always tries to find a little time each day to exercise. Her three children, two boys and one girl ranging in ages from 2½ to 7 years old, all have one thing in common—they were very large babies. “My first two children were 9.5 and 10 lbs. My third child had to be delivered by caesarean two weeks early because of how big my babies grew, and he was already 8 lbs.” The children brighten Taunya’s life in so many ways, but carrying such large babies wreaked havoc on her fit body. “The skin just kept stretching with each pregnancy, and no matter how much I worked out, it never bounced back.”

Feeling she was done with pregnancies, Taunya started exploring the idea of having a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to repair some of the after effects of carrying such large babies. “My body has never bothered me. I am a former gymnast, and even with all these big babies, my skin was perfect, except for the fact that it was loose.”

Set on getting her body back to its original shape, Taunya made an appointment with a plastic surgeon, and almost immediately booked her surgery. Yet something didn’t seem right to Taunya. “I kept having this nagging feeling that it wasn’t the best doctor or office for me. I felt so pressured to have the surgery, that I think I committed to it without really feeling comfortable with my decision.” So Taunya followed her intuition and cancelled her surgery, letting the thought of a tighter tummy rest for a while.

About a year later, Taunya was ready for one more try and to find the perfect surgeon for her. “All I really wanted was someone that was experienced, of course, but that listened to me and wasn’t just trying to sell me a procedure.” Not knowing where to go, she remembered that her good friend was a patient of LJC. “My friend spoke so highly of her doctor and the Centre, that I thought it was a perfect place to start my search for a plastic surgeon.”

Since Taunya had no experience with LJC, she asked for appointments with two of the Centre’s board certified plastic surgeons. Her first appointment was with Dr. H. Michael Roark. “I had already been through this process, so I was prepared with my list of questions. I knew exactly what I wanted done on my body, and this time, I wanted to feel in control.”

Taunya recalls that after just a few minutes with Dr. Roark, she could tell that he had the disposition she was looking for in a surgeon. “Here was this very experienced surgeon, yet he was so kind and humble.” Taunya explained to Dr. Roark her reasons for wanting a tummy tuck, and the areas on her body where she wanted liposuction. What happened next truly took Taunya by surprise.

“Dr. Roark examined me, and very frankly told me that I didn’t need all the liposuction I was talking about. He recommended minimal liposuction of my inner thighs. I loved that he was so honest with me.”Taunya

Taunya wanted to lose her excess skin around her abdomen, but also cover up a hole left from a previous belly button ring. “I described to Dr. Roark how I wanted the skin pulled to accomplish both goals. He carefully listened to me, and then with his very gentle approach, showed me why the skin couldn’t stretch the way I wanted. He was focused on my results, and was only willing to do what he felt was realistic. “ Taunya was completely sold on Dr. Roark and confident with his plan.

While Taunya felt certain about her procedures, her husband was still a bit unsure. He thought she already looked perfect. He supported Taunya’s decision, but felt she should spend her first night following surgery in a professional after-care facility. Taunya wasn’t convinced. So her husband asked Dr. Roark the simple question, “What would you do if it were your wife?” Dr. Roark admitted he would want her in after-care for at least one night. Tauyna now admits it was the best 24 hours she could have ever had.

Taunya loved the way Dr. Roark interacted with her husband. “He was so great, answering all of his questions, and explaining every detail, until my husband was completely comfortable with the surgery. We both agreed that Dr. Roark was the perfect surgeon for me.”

Although she had backed away from her first surgery, Taunya said this time felt so right that she had no hesitation. She knew she was in the professional hands of Dr. Roark, and the experienced LJC surgical team. “The O.R. staff cared for me like they would for their mother or sister. That’s an amazing feeling that I don’t think you find everywhere.”

With the tummy tuck and liposculpture of her inner thighs done, Taunya is getting back to her normal routine.

“It’s only been a couple of months, and I’m still healing, but the results are fabulous. My waist reminds me of the way it looked before having kids.”Taunya

Taunya says she was so lucky to find Dr. Roark and the staff at LJC. “From the moment you pick up the phone to call the Centre, and through every follow-up visit, you are treated as if you are their only patient.” Excited to get back to her full exercise routine, Taunya says she can’t believe what she sees in the mirror. “I haven’t been able to wear a sports bra without a tee shirt since I was 21. Thanks to Dr. Roark’s incredible skills, 36-year-old Taunya is proudly wearing her sports bra again. “I am so happy to recommend Dr. Roark to my family and friends.”

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