When it came to finding a rhinoplasty surgeon, Eilona knew Dr. Wheeler was “the one.”

When you know, you know. That pretty much sums up Eilona’s experience with LJC and Dr. Ervin Wheeler when she was looking for the right plastic surgeon to perform her rhinoplasty. She had always wanted a smaller nose to better fit her petite features, and when she heard about LJC from a friend who’d had their rhinoplasty with one of our plastic surgeons, Eilona knew exactly who to call.

Dr. Wheeler was the first and only physician I had to consider! From the moment I met Dr. Wheeler, I felt I was in good hands and confident that I wanted him to perform my surgery. I booked a surgery date on the same day of my first consultation, and I would don’t regret my decision. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Everyone Eilona encountered at LJC affirmed she was in the right place, and she is thrilled with how the LJC staff left no detail to chance.

I still cannot believe how simple, easy, and efficient my procedure was. The entire staff was informative, trustworthy, and sweet. The entire staff was very thorough and informative. They did not leave a single thing out. I felt very confident and educated on my decision.

She was pleasantly surprised at just how quickly she recovered after her rhinoplasty, and says the entire surgery and recovery process was painless. Now, months after her nose surgery with Dr. Wheeler, she feels a new-found sense of self-confidence.

I liked my face before but now I absolutely love it. My life has changed in so many positive ways sense I had my surgery. It’s the best decision I could have made. I highly recommend LJC.

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