“A world of difference in my body image & self-confidence.”


Mary is a nurse who chose La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center for her procedures. It’s always a compliment whenever nurses or even doctors choose our practice—as they often do—because it shows that they recognize our dedication to quality patient care and proactive communication.

Mary’s story is about losing weight to regain her self-confidence. As a nurse, Mary knew the significant health benefits of losing weight, but, as she said, “It’s a very long, hard road to lose over a hundred pounds, especially the old-fashioned way.”

Instead of having bariatric surgery, which reduces the size of the stomach, Mary chose dieting and exercise. It worked. After reaching her goal, she recalled, “I consider my amazing transformation as a kind of metamorphosis. I felt like a butterfly being released into the world for the first time.”

Even butterflies, though, may need a little help from their friends. After some thoughtful consideration and an encouraging referral from a friend, Mary came to LJC to further enhance her newly changed figure.

“Right away, I felt I would be in good hands—literally. That speaks volumes. As a nurse, I was particularly selective in who I would choose.”*Mary

Mary had done her research and developed a list of specific requirements that the practice and surgeon she chose had to have. To ensure that she’d have a safe and enjoyable surgical experience, she looked for these key points:

  • Board certified plastic surgeons (not other specialties)
  • Board certified anesthesiologists
  • Capable and caring staff
  • Accredited operating facility

LJC not only satisfied her requirements, but left her with no doubt that this was the perfect practice for her. She had a breast lift and abdominal procedures at LJC. Mary credits both her surgeon and the “warm and supportive” staff for helping her enrich her life brighter, both socially and professionally.

All of us at LJC are so happy to have been part of this blossoming butterfly’s transformation to her new self. Mary said, “I would say these procedures have made a world of difference in my body image and self-confidence. I hold my head higher and make eye contact.” While we appreciate the accolades, it’s Mary’s incredible accomplishments that we salute. Congratulations, Mary!

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