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Lauren Amico Reed

Spotlight on Lauren Amico-Reed! Our new authority on millennials and cosmetic surgery.

We all know that anything our Director of Aesthetic Services at LJC, Lauren Amico-Reed PA-C, has to say about aesthetic medicine is worth listening to and sharing—she really knows her stuff. Turns out, journalists agree. The Aesthetic Channel recently published an in-depth article titled “Cosmetic surgery according to Millennials,” and the author drew heavily from …

5 Totally Scrumptious, Healthy Summer Eats to Enjoy (Regardless of Your Diet!)

There’s just something special about munching on quintessential warm-weather treats during the summertime. Unfortunately, the all-American grilled cheeseburgers, potato salad, and sugary desserts at every neighborhood barbeque don’t do much for one’s health—or waistline. Whether you’re trying to cut calories, have medical dietary restrictions, or have made a lifestyle choice to eat a certain way, …