Spotlight on Lauren Amico-Reed! Our new authority on millennials and cosmetic surgery.

lauren amico reed
We all know that anything our Director of Aesthetic Services at LJC, Lauren Amico-Reed PA-C, has to say about aesthetic medicine is worth listening to and sharing—she really knows her stuff.

Turns out, journalists agree. The Aesthetic Channel recently published an in-depth article titled “Cosmetic surgery according to Millennials,” and the author drew heavily from a presentation Lauren made at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting earlier this year, quoting her throughout the article.

Lauren’s presentation, “Move Over Baby Boomers, the Millennials are Here!” highlighted the changing of the guards, so to speak, regarding who is the “typical” cosmetic surgery patient. She discussed the driving forces behind the popularity of cosmetic treatments with today’s 20- and 30-somethings. A few likely suspects:

  • Social media. We communicate in pictures just as much as words these days. As Lauren says, “our self-image is portrayed through social media,” so we literally want to put our best face forward.
  • The Kardashians and friends. High-profile Millennials are far more open about their own cosmetic surgery experiences than celebs from older generations. Hearing first-hand accounts of the confidence-boosting benefits of their treatments has shifted attitudes about cosmetic surgery away from being something to keep under wraps, to something that people just “do” if it suits them.
  • A strong sense of individuality. As a generation, Millennials are more confident being themselves vs trying to fit into a mold. Whether this means that a patient doesn’t want to look like her grandmother, or she wants to make enhancements to her breasts, face or body, younger patients see cosmetic medicine as a practical way to reach their goals.

The article covers these and other points in Lauren’s presentation; you can read the whole thing here. In the end, one thing is clear: Lauren has a deep understanding of what her patients of all generations want and need with their treatments. But you don’t have to take our word for it, come to LJC and meet with Lauren to discuss your needs and goals with non-surgical face, skin and body treatments. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.