Breast augmentation: Happy outcomes

Real LJC patientFour San Diego-area women tell why they chose breast augmentation and explain how the procedure has changed their self-confidence. These stories are from real La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre patients.

Wedding Bells Inspire Action

Every bride dreams of a perfect day, yet Kim found herself anxious about how she would look in the strapless wedding dress she wanted. But it wasn’t just about one big day or one beautiful dress—Kim had always felt self-conscious about her small breasts and hid them under loose clothing whenever possible.

Setting the wedding date gave her that final incentive. With her fiancé’s support, Kim explored her options for breast augmentation. “The test drive program at LJC, where you actually try on implants with a T-shirt and then take pictures, helped me more than I can say.” She also credited her doctor’s honesty with helping her keep her expectations realistic.

Kim loves how she looked in her wedding photos. Now expecting a baby, she says her only regret was that she waited so long to have her breast augmentation done.

Active Mom Celebrates 50

It’s a common problem these days to feel younger than your body looks. Susan, a single mom who runs her own business, promised herself a few personal perks when she reached fifty. True to her focused personality, she did her research and decided on breast augmentation and a facelift. “I’m just the type of person who likes to know how things work.” What impressed her most about La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre was that “everyone in the office was always so friendly, upbeat, and accommodating.”

Susan feels like her investment continues to pay real dividends. In addition to feeling great about herself, she shared this nugget: “When people hear I’ve had work done, they always confide to me that they too would like to change something on themselves. I have given so many referrals to my women friends.”

Reconstructing Confidence

Not everyone decides to get breast augmentation in San Diego because they lack confidence. Carla said that she never really lacked confidence in herself. The mother of five grown children, she never considered plastic surgery. Then, after a cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment, she had to undergo a lumpectomy on one of her breasts.

That life-changing event left her feeling a bit lopsided. “Luckily, the lesion was benign,” she said, “but because they took so much breast tissue, I could never get clothes to fit right.” That made her change the way she felt about herself. She found her surgeon at LJC and had a breast lift with augmentation. Now Carla has regained her self-confidence: “I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.”

Perking Up the Girls

Brittini didn’t opt for San Diego breast enhancement because she wanted to increase her breast size. Her breasts were already big enough. Her problem was that they matured too early. “By the time I was in my early twenties, my breasts had already changed shape.” Instead of enjoying the prime years of her youth, she was worrying about sagging breasts.

Still, she didn’t jump into surgery. She explored all her options before deciding. The sizing session at LJC finally sold her. Seeing the before and after photos (with and without the sizing implants) convinced her of the difference breast augmentation could make. Brittini went ahead with the surgery and loves her new look. She is pleased to have the youthfully feminine shape she always wanted.

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