5 Breast Implant Removal Before & After Photos That Show How Beautiful Explant Results Can Be

Woman holding surfboard looks gorgeous after breast explant procedure

Explant surgery, also called breast implant removal, is on the rise at our San Diego plastic surgery practice and across the country. With celebs like Chrissy Teigen opening up about having their implants removed, more women are learning about the benefits of revising their breast augmentation results. You might be considering it, too, if your implants no longer feel like “you.”

It’s no secret that breast augmentation helps thousands of women feel more confident in their bodies every year. Still, it’s important to note that implant removal can be just as empowering and even life-changing. That’s why in this post, we’re showcasing a few of our favorite explant before-and-after photos that highlight how beautiful breast implant removal can really be.

A More Lifted Look

This 48-year-old woman had a bilateral capsulectomy with explantation of breast implants and a breast lift. The surgery, performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hector Salazar-Reyes, brought her breasts back into proportion with her frame. An added breast lift gave her an extra rejuvenating boost, completing her refreshed new look.

Before-and-After: Breast Implant Removal

A Subtle Size Adjustment

This 30-year-old woman had her breast implants removed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Luke Swistun. Because the surgery used the same incisions as her initial breast augmentation, she was left with very little visible scarring. She also had enough skin elasticity that she didn’t need any additional lifting to achieve a beautiful and natural-looking result.

Before-and-After: Breast Implant Removal

When Less Is More

After having her implants removed and her breasts lifted by Dr. Salazar-Reyes, this 36-year-old woman achieved a more youthful and proportionate breast appearance. Many women who have a similar transformation report they experience less shoulder and back pain, feel more comfortable when working out, and have an easier time finding clothes that fit and flatter them.

Before-and-After: Breast Implant Removal

A Total Transformation

This 47-year-old woman had her breast implants removed by Dr. Salazar-Reyes. Her implants were large for her frame, making her top half look disproportionately full. After implant removal, her whole body looks slimmer and more balanced.

Before-and-After: Breast Implant Removal

Looking Like New

This 30-year-old woman complimented her explant surgery with a nipple reduction or areolar reduction. These combined procedures turned the clock back on her appearance and gave her a fresh start with breasts that look like they had never been operated on.

Before-and-After: Breast Implant Removal

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Want even more insights into breast implant removal? Dr. Swistun joined us for an episode of The La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast to talk all about the procedure and his approach. In the episode, he answers questions such as:

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  • And much more!

To get the full story, listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript here.

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