What Is HD Lipo & How Is It Different From Traditional Liposuction?

Difference between HD liposuction and traditional liposuction.

You want to look leaner, stronger, and more sculpted, and you’ve decided a body contouring procedure may be the right move for you. If you’re like most, you’re probably considering some form of liposuction. After all, the procedure is famous for its ability to slim down notoriously stubborn fat deposits. At our plastic surgery practice in San Diego, however, both men and women are loving a next-level twist on the classic procedure: HD lipo.

How is HD lipo different from traditional liposuction, and is it right for you? Read on to learn more.

What Is HD Lipo?

HD lipo (also called high-definition liposculpture) is an advanced liposuction technique that combines power-assisted liposuction (PAL) with detailed muscle etching. Here’s how it works:

  • PAL: Your surgeon removes the first layer of fat using a vibrating cannula that gently breaks up fat tissue so that it’s easier to remove. The device then suctions the fat away, creating a baseline level of contouring in your treated areas.
  • Muscle etching: Your surgeon then carefully removes smaller pockets of fat surrounding your muscles to sculpt the area with meticulous detail. This is the step that really makes your abs pop, brings out the definition in your arms and legs, and perfects your trim waistline.

Not just any surgeon can achieve amazing results using this technique. It takes a trained hand and serious expertise in body sculpting. At LJC, Dr. Hector Salazar-Reyes is our resident HD lipo specialist. He has trained with some of the best plastic surgeons here in San Diego and internationally, and he’s one of the few plastic surgeons in the U.S. to have extensively studied MicroAire liposculpture. With his expertise, you can expect an attractive, detailed, and natural-looking result—one you can’t wait to show off.

Learn more about Dr. Salazar-Reyes and his approach in this blog post.


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How Is HD Lipo Different From Traditional Liposuction?

The main difference is the level of detailed sculpting HD lipo achieves compared to liposuction:

  • Liposuction is famous for its ability to shrink stubborn pockets of fat—think love handles, bra bulges, and tummy pooches.
  • HD lipo takes that to the next level by etching your musculature, putting your hard-earned shape in the spotlight.

There’s also the added benefit: PAL is easier on the body, which means a faster recovery and less post-op swelling and bruising. Many people head back to work after just a few days of recuperation.

Who Is HD Lipo Right For?

HD lipo is fantastic for anyone committed to a healthy lifestyle who wants to highlight their shape with precise sculpting. You may be an ideal candidate if you’re looking to achieve goals like:

  • Bringing out your 6-pack abs
  • Defining your upper arms and shoulders
  • Making your booty pop
  • Getting that lower ab “V” shape

The bottom line? If you’ve been giving it your all in the gym and want to look as strong and sculpted as you feel, HD lipo might be that last step you’re missing.

To see examples of what HD lipo results look like, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

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