Mommy Makeover: Should you wait until after childbearing?

Mommy Makeover modelThe name makes it clear that a Mommy Makeover is especially for women who have had children. Its name provides no clue, however, whether it can be done before you are done having children. Ideally, a Mommy Makeover should be performed after you are done having children—but some women don’t want to wait or are not sure if they will have more kids. Let’s examine the issues.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

First, it is important to understand just what a Mommy Makeover is and what it can accomplish. A Mommy Makeover in San Diego is a combination of breast and body plastic surgery procedures performed at the same time. Its goal is to treat the two areas most affected by pregnancy: your breasts and abdomen.

Pregnancy causes many women’s abdominal muscles to become lax—leaving some women looking like they are still pregnant long after childbirth. Exercise and diet can take off weight, but can’t tighten abdominal muscles separated by pregnancy. A tummy tuck solves the issue by surgically bringing loose underlying muscles together. This procedure fundamentally tightens and slims your belly. Unwanted fat deposits that are above muscle can be removed with liposuction, which permanently removes fat cells from treated areas.

If your breasts have lost volume or begun to sag, a Mommy Makeover can include lifting and enhancing your breasts. Some women wish to just return their breasts’ pre-pregnancy size and shape. If you’d like to be curvier than ever, you can choose breast implants that will make your breasts larger than they were before. Whether you choose a breast lift or a breast lift with augmentation, it is performed at the same time as your other Mommy Makeover procedures.

The exact procedures that are right for you (abdominoplasty, breast implants, breast lift, liposuction, or a combination) can only be determined during a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, such as the Real Plastic Surgeons® at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre.

Are Future Pregnancies an Issue?

Sometimes, young mothers find that pregnancy has changed their bodies to a shocking degree. They may not be done having children, but want to be able to wear the pre-pregnancy swimsuits and clothing stashed in their closets. Can they opt for a Mommy Makeover and still have more children?

Physically, most women can still bear children after a Mommy Makeover. The procedures don’t affect a woman’s ability to conceive. Breast augmentation rarely affects a woman’s milk ducts.

There is, however, one big drawback—a future pregnancy will reverse some effects of a Mommy Makeover. This is particularly true for the tummy-tightening procedures. Patients who have a tendency to put on substantial weight during pregnancy or happen to carry twins will be even more affected.

Our Recommendation

Although you can still bear children after a Mommy Makeover procedure, you may want to wait on any tummy-tightening procedures until you know that you are finished having children. Women who want more kids may still choose breast implants and liposuction to improve their curves, while saving the tummy tuck for later. Of course, another procedure to touch up a previous lipo can be done later.

We offer free consults – please take advantage of our personal consultations to discuss your options with a surgeon. Make sure to tell the surgeon about any family plans you have, and we will help you look better now without limiting your future.