Plastic Surgery in the World of Superheroes & Villains

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With San Diego Comic-Con 2015 right around the corner, our office has been thinking a lot about superheroes and heroines. But all those hard, toned bodies and perfect curves have us wondering: what plastic surgery procedures or treatments might our favorite comic book characters have undergone—and what would the world say about it?

Check out our imagined headlines for plastic surgery rumors in the comic book universe!

Rumors Run Rampant in The Gotham Gazette

Did Batman’s Nemesis Go Under the Knife?

Things have been a bit slow in Gotham City, thanks to our mysterious protector in black. However, some reports suggest another reason for the lull in crime: The Joker has been seen with what appears to be a new, larger chin! Is Gotham’s greatest foe trying to keep a chin augmentation under wraps? Stay tuned…

Millionaire Playboy is Turning Heads

Last week at the annual Wayne Enterprises Gala, company head Bruce Wayne was seen with a new mysterious lady on his arm, but that’s not what had people whispering. Multiple guests report that Mr. Wayne was practically bursting out of his Armani suit! Either someone has been maxing out at the gym, or we spy pec implants. Either way, Gotham’s most sought-after bachelor looks almost as buff as the Caped Crusader.

Poison Ivy Gets a Little Extra Vavavoom!

Yesterday, the already voluptuous eco-terrorist was seen skulking in the botanical gardens with a bit more bounce to her bust. Is she just sporting a new push-up bra, or did Poison Ivy see a plastic surgeon about some breast implants? We’ll never know, but she looks great either way!

The Daily Planet Uncovers Metropolis’ Plastic Surgery Secrets

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it’s an Expertly-Sculpted Superman!

A loud cheer could be heard throughout Metropolis as Superman once again showed up just in the nick of time to save the passengers of a derailing train. But we also couldn’t help notice that things seemed even tighter than normal under his suit. Rumors of a bit of extra toning with CoolSculpting® are already making their rounds…

Supervillain Considers Hair Transplant Surgery

Lex Luthor was seen leaving a plastic surgeon’s office just last week and, after a little digging, we’ve discovered this practice specializes in hair restoration. Could this bald baddie finally be considering his options? Keep an eye out for more information to come!

Heroes & Villains with Sensational Skin

How Does She-Hulk Keep Her Glow?

Verdigris never looked so good, and everyone is wondering, “how does she do it?” Sources tell us that She-Hulk takes a break from fighting evil once every few months for a skin resurfacing treatment to keep her famous green skin healthy and glowing.

Even Gods Have Unwanted Hair

Have you ever wondered how Thor remains so completely hairless, despite his flowing golden locks and masculine appearance? A local expert tells us that everyone’s favorite god of thunder routinely has laser hair removal performed. Close friends claim it’s to aid in his speed and agility, but we’re not so sure.

Have any silly headlines of your own? Share with us in the comments below!