Strattice for Rippling Implants

One of the possible aesthetic issues after breast augmentation is rippling. What does it look like? Rippling occurs when the breast implant shows visible folds or wrinkles underneath your skin. It’s more common with saline implants, most often in women with very little tissue to cover the implant.

You can minimize your chances of experiencing rippling by choosing an experienced surgeon, who will be able to recommend the implant type and placement for your body. But if you’re already experiencing visible rippling, what can you do?


Why do my breast implants look wrinkled?

The quality of the skin that envelops the breast tissue significantly influences the shape of the breasts. Even though breast skin contains special elastic fibers, there is natural and hereditary variation in the amount of elasticity and thickness of each person’s breast skin, which affects the overall appearance of the breasts.

Women with minimal body fat or thin natural breast tissue sometimes experience this less than desirable condition. Revision surgery is often required to minimize these conditions and to improve the surface appearance of the breasts.

A rippled appearance may also occur if the original surgeon created too large a breast pocket for your implants. If the breasts migrate out of their original position, the appearance of rippling may occur on the breast skin.

Correcting a Wrinkled or Rippled Appearance

During breast revision surgery, your surgeon may consider using Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix to provide a kind of lining around the breast tissue for additional support and to correct visible rippling.


During your revision procedure, your surgeon will place a Strattice™ Tissue Matrix at the bottom of the breast to reinforce weak or inadequate tissue, which can help position the breasts in the desired location and reduce the presence of wrinkles and ripples on the skin surface. He or she may also reduce the size of the breast pocket at the same time.

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