Your Week-By-Week Facelift Recovery Timeline (Infographic)

Image of woman on the beach smiling after facelift recovery (model)

How long does it take to recover from a facelift? It turns out, there’s more to that question than meets the eye! There are several phases of facelift recovery, and while everyone’s experience is unique, most people follow the same arc as they recuperate and step into their new, more confident selves.

We’ve compiled this infographic to help you better understand your week-by-week facelift recovery timeline. Take a look to find out what you can expect during each chapter—and don’t forget to keep emotional recovery in mind, too!

An infographic detailing the week-by-week recover for facelift.

Curious what you might look like after a facelift? See real transformations in our before-and-after photo gallery!

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