“My confidence and self-esteem are so much better today.” – Lisa


Living in the California desert has its perks. Pool season lasts for 9 months. Unfortunately, for some, pool season can be anything but fabulous. LJC patient Lisa recalls her “exhausting” battle to keep covered up… when she preferred to be basking in the sun.

Giving birth to two children within 15 months of each other changed Lisa’s shape. She recalls “living in a sports bra 24/7” and feeling out of place at the pool. Her biggest challenge was the significant transformation in the shape and size of her breasts, causing her to “feel self-conscious and embarrassed.” She finally decided to do something about it.

Based on a friend’s “amazing” surgical results, Lisa scheduled a consultation with Michael Roark, MD,at the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre to discuss a breast lift procedure. While her friend’s recommendation mattered, Lisa wanted a surgeon who really listened. She had to be sure she and Dr. Roark could communicate effectively. She wanted him to understand what she hoped to achieve, and she needed to confirm the results she imagined were both possible and likely. During her initial visit with Dr. Roark, Lisa immediately felt they were in sync. “We were on the same page from Day 1. There was no reason to see anyone else.”

Other important factors for Lisa were the knowledge and experience of her surgeon. In addition to feeling confident and comfortable with Dr. Roark, Lisa had other standards that a practice needed to live up to her expectations:

“I was putting my life in this doctor’s hands. I felt very strongly to [be able to] have communication with him and his staff before and after.”*Lisa

LJC and Dr. Roark satisfied all her requirements. Moreover, she loved Dr. Roark’s “caring personality” She also enjoyed being treated like an equal—a person, not just a patient.“On one occasion, I had brought my baby to one check-up appointment. He was patient and sweet with her, and that showed me his true character.”

One of the more memorable moments during Lisa’s surgical experience was waking up in the recovery room and the nurses allowing her to hold her baby. To her, this was a key part of her recovery process. When Lisa remembers this, she says, “I was most excited to see her smiling face that I think it made my recovery go by quicker.”

Looking back on her experience at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, Lisa wouldn’t change a thing. “I still feel happy with my results, and my confidence and self-esteem are so much better today. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.” They fulfilled my needs, and in the end, I would go back for future needs … no question.”

She feels she formed a genuine relationship with Dr. Roark and his nurses. On her return visits to the Centre, Lisa observed, “It almost feels like home, starting at the front desk—everyone is so nice and makes you feel welcome.”

She attributes a great deal of her positive experience to the fact that she felt very prepared and educated about what to expect—from the risks involved to the feelings of anxiety to the recovery process. “I would say go in with a positive and realistic attitude, and in the end, you will get that as your result.” Thanks Lisa, great advice!


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