Meet your LJCSC superstars! Our nurses and patient care coordinators are here for you!

We’d be nothing without our team of knowledgeable, friendly, and simply awesome patient coordinators, nurses, and administrative staff. Our level of patient care sets us apart at LJCSC. Each member of our support team is dedicated to helping you have a great experience. We work together as a family, so you can feel like you’re right at home!

Our Patient Care Team


Mary Manjarrez
Patient Care Coordinator

I’ve been a member of the LJCSC family for 10 wonderful years! I am one of the fortunate ones that get to see the patient after their consultation with one of our fabulous doctors. I go over the entire surgery process: the quote, what to expect, when they can have their surgery. I love when my patients come back to my office with a big smile on their face and say, “I wished I had done this sooner!” Not only do we take care of our patients before & during surgery, our patients know we’re here for them any time of the day or night.


Jan Luck
Patient Care Coordinator

I’ve been with LJCSC for 12 years. I schedule new patient consults and meet with patients after their consultation to discuss fees and payment options. I am also the Financing Specialist, so I’m the go-to person when it comes to payment options. I enjoy meeting with my patients and love to see them happy with their new look. I also enjoy working with wonderful doctors and a great team of Admin staff and nurses. We have been taking care of patients for the past 30 years and LJCSC is known for creating a safe and nice environment – that makes us the best, in my opinion.

Our Nursing Staff


Ruth Van Arsdall, BSN, RN
Lead nurse for Dr. Lori Saltz

I’ve worked here for 11 years, and my most important job is to keep my patients happy! Dr. Saltz does the magic in the OR; I take care of everything before and after. My favorite thing about my job? Connecting with people. I like get to know my patients personally and professionally so they feel they’ve had an experience rather than just a recovery. I have met fabulous and interesting people during my career here! I get to see peoples’ lives change and transform.


Cristina Lindstorm, RN
Lead Nurse for Dr. Johan Brahme

I provide nurturing, quality care, treating the mind, soul and body, to keep each of our patients safe and comfortable. My coworkers and patients have made LJCSC a wonderful place to work for the last 15 years. I am proud to be a member of this family. We truly put our patients first, providing consistent, splendid outcomes and excellent care throughout their surgery experience.


Jalayne Torres, RN
Clinic Nurse

I have been part of the LJCSC family for 8 years, though I took time off to start my own family. As a clinic nurse, I assist the doctors and work with patients throughout their surgical experience. I educate patients on how to prepare for surgery and help them with post operative care. Surgery can be a little scary and stressful, and I want to make it a great experience for our patients! I encourage anyone considering surgery to choose LJCSC because our doctors are amazing! They are board certified and have multiple years of experience. All of our staff are kind, compassionate, and professional.

Our Administrative Team


Janelle Robinson
Director of Patient Services

This is my 7th year at LJCSC. I help patients through the entire surgery process. From the initial phone call to the final post-op visit, I’m your surgery cheerleader! I get to meet so many wonderful people. I enjoy bringing patients into our family & helping them fulfill their goals. As a mom to 3-year-old twin girls, I can really relate to many of my patients’ concerns. It’s very rewarding.

I’m proud to work at a practice that has made so many people happy over the last 30 years. All the physicians and staff embrace the importance of safety and quality. Despite our larger size and grand reputation, we provide an intimate and family-like environment. Our patients love coming here for visits and we love having them!


Kimberly Williams
Director of First Impressions
Administrative Assistant

I’ve been the first one to welcome our patients for 8 years now. I make sure we’re ready for each patient’s arrival, prepping their charts and making sure all information is up to date and organized, so our nurses and surgeons can concentrate on patient care. LJCSC is the best – we have the most the wonderful staff and the most wonderful doctors, and most importantly the most wonderful patients.

Yvette Foster

Yvette Foster
Director of First Impressions

I’ve been at LJCSC for 7 years. I make sure our patients feel welcome from the moment they walk in the door. This means keeping our lobby comfortable and inviting, with cookies & fresh coffee ready for our patients to enjoy. I also help to get patient charts ready for each appointment, as well as mail out all new patient packets. As one of the first LJCSC staff member to greet our guests, I enjoy meeting all the patients and their friends and families. I also like to see each patient walk away happily.


Amy Chavez
Administrative Assistant
Accounts Receivable

I have worked here at the Centre for about 11 years now. In addition to answering phone calls throughout the day, I have become our technical handy-woman, keeping our computers, printers, and phone systems working nicely. I also make sure our accounts records are accurate and safe. It’s a wonderful feeling to come in each day and know I’ll be surrounded by friends. I love meeting new patients and being a part of their life-changing experiences!


Kathy Mayer
Administrative Assistant

I’ve worked for LJCSC for 12 years, assisting our nurses with whatever they need and preparing all the important paperwork for them to go over with our patients during their visits to the centre. I also help out with the phones, answering calls and making sure everything’s organized so the nurses can check in with our patients to see how they’re doing after surgery.

I’ve met so many wonderful patients over the years and see many return again; this says it all about LJCSC. Our staff is friendly and caring, and we have the most wonderful and experienced doctors. Everyone here works as a team to give our patients a great experience.

Our Operating Room Team


Paula Cunningham
Director of Surgical Services

I’ve been a part of the surgical staff at LJCSC for 4 years, the last 2 as Director. I both manage the daily operations of the O.R. and continue to provide direct patient care during surgery and recovery – the best of both worlds! The priority we place on clear & efficient communication between nurses, patient coordinators and OR staff at LJCSC is essential to each patient’s successful outcome and helps us maintain the highest standard of care from start to finish. I am honored to be a part of this family.


Lenny Obregon
OR Technician

I have worked at LJCSC for 10 years, assisting our surgeons during procedures. I love the caring and positive atmosphere at the centre, and I’m proud to work with a team of such dedicated surgeons and nurses.  They are truly committed to providing the highest standard of care to each and every patient. If anyone in my family was going to have surgery, I wouldn’t have them go anywhere else!


Brittney Murphy
Patient Support Services

I’ve been at LJCSC for nearly 8 years. On any given day, patients might see me in photography, clinic, or even administration. My main focus is making sure the operating rooms are ready for our patients, so they have a great experience. We offer the best possible care and treat our patients like family. Not only do we have some of the most talented surgeons, but they are honest. I love seeing the life-changing differences our doctors make and how truly grateful our patients are after surgery.