Feeling Fabulous (Again!) in San Diego


Bethany always loved the way she felt in her own body—confident, feminine, and empowered. But after having her first child, she considered cosmetic surgery for the first time. Pregnancy had taken its toll, leaving Bethany feeling self-conscious about her figure:

“Prior to having a baby, I would have never considered changing anything on my body, but in life there are unpredictable changes that happen to our bodies that can make us feel as though we have lost a part of ourselves.”

Bethany began to think long-term about her life in Southern California, where “we spend half the year in bathing suits.” Knowing she could not fully enjoy her family’s active lifestyle if she was no longer comfortable with her body, Bethany decided to look into breast augmentation surgery. She knew that her potential surgery center must meet certain criteria:

  • a facility known for the highest standards in safety
  • a qualified and knowledgeable staff
  • an experienced female plastic surgeon

After extensive research and a favorable recommendation from a friend, Bethany chose LJC and Dr. Lori Saltz:

“Ultimately, I knew Dr. Saltz was the best fit for me. Dr. Saltz is unique in that she is not only a fabulous physician, but also offers a woman’s experience and perspective for something that is uniquely female.”*Bethany

Although she remained confident in her decision to have surgery, Bethany felt a little anxious when the day of her procedure arrived, as many patients do. She reflects on that day, noting how reassured she felt when she stepped into the center:

“As soon as I walked in the door, I felt the support of the staff and immediately calmed down. I knew everything would be fine.”*Bethany

Bethany’s surgery went smoothly, just as she expected. She credits the caring, personal attention and detailed education she received from Dr. Saltz and the LJC staff for her excellent results. These days, she’s enjoying her renewed sense of self and living her life confidently in a body she’s proud to call her own!


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