Making a fresh start with a Mommy Makeover

Several years ago, Marci faced a parent’s worst fear: her son, barely 3 years old, was diagnosed with cancer. She spent the better part of two years in and out of the hospital with him, and gained about 50 lbs. in the process. Naturally, her son’s health was a higher priority than her weight; however, once he had recovered, she was able to shift some focus to her own well-being and dropped the excess weight through diet and exercise. It was at this time that she had her first consultation with Dr. Saltz at a LJC for a mommy makeover.

Although Marci became pregnant shortly after that first consultation and put her mommy makeover plans on hold, she recalls an immediate connection with Dr. Saltz:

When I met with Dr. Saltz, there was an instant respect she had for me, for my body, and for realistic results. She had a vision of what I could look like that far exceeded even what I could have asked for. My makeover was for me to feel beautiful; it was not for show. We connected on that vision instantly.

Marci faced another setback when her son’s cancer returned a mere six weeks after she gave birth to her second child. With her time and energy focused once again on helping her son fight his cancer, she regained the weight. Marci’s son had another successful recovery, and his cancer remains in remission.

Thus began another journey for Marci. She took up and developed a passion for running, and lost weight. She was eager to finally address the toll two pregnancies and weight fluctuations had taken on her body, and knew exactly who could help her look her best: Dr. Saltz at LJCC.

I consider Dr. Saltz and Nurse Ruth family. They are not just doing a job, they are changing lives everyday. They have been there for me. After my first consult, Dr. Saltz wrote an email congratulating me on my pregnancy, which was more then I would have expected for just meeting once. Upon my return years later, Dr. Saltz and Ruth both remembered me and asked about my sons. They are wonderful, kind people that just happen to be the most amazing doctor and nurse team.

Having waited years for her mommy makeover, and 100% confident in her choice of Dr. Saltz and LJC’s highly qualified OR staff, Marci was surprised by how nervous when her surgery day arrived.

I went on a nice run the day before surgery, I knew it was going to be a few weeks before I could run again. I was extremely nervous the morning of surgery, but once I met with the nurses, they were lovely and helpful in reassuring me all was going to be okay. When Dr. Saltz walked in, her confidence and demeanor made me feel at ease. I trusted her to take great care of me, and that is just what she did!

Marci knew that her recovery after a mommy makeover would take a few weeks, but she also knew she could count on Dr. Saltz, Ruth, and her entire patient care team throughout the process.

I felt confident going into the procedure because I understood what to expect. Not only did they inform me and communicate everything with me before and after, they stood by me and were available to me if I ever needed anything. That gave me great confidence and made me feel safe. Nurse Ruth is amazing…she was available at all hours day and night when I had questions. I never felt alone. That is more then I could have dreamed a doctor’s office could provide!

Marci considers her mommy makeover a rebirth for her and for her family after enduring the challenges of her son’s illness. While Marci did the hard work of losing weight and getting her health back on track, her mommy makeover was essential in helping her come full circle and experience life to the fullest.

Dr. Saltz helped me fix up the tired body I was left with. She has done an amazing job (says my husband) and it goes without saying that I agree. I now have a firm figure that is great for running in. I am training for my first half marathon to benefit a charity that is dear to my heart. My son is healthy, I am fitter then I have ever been—and happier too. My whole family benefits from the success of this journey of mine.

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