Busy self-employed mom gets rid of loose skin with a “Mommy Makeover”


Kieu, married, and the mother of one son, fits the “Mommy Makeover” profile perfectly. She had excess skin on her tummy that no amount of working out could fix, “I exercise regularly and stay on top of my fitness, but I just couldn’t get rid of the loose skin.”

After thinking about surgery for almost five years, she decided to act. “I said, Why pay trainers? Why not use the money toward surgery?” Kieu’s “someday” thoughts turned into action, “It was time for me to look GOOD and feel comfortable in my own skin again. I wanted my old body back and to feel good in a bikini again.”

Kieu, a self-employed paralegal, knew she was going to do her research to find the right doctor. She had consults with ten plastic surgeons!

“I did my homework and considered doctors from San Diego to Beverly Hills. I wanted to be in the best hands. I didn’t just want a plastic surgeon. I also wanted an office that was understanding and would support me through my surgery.”*Kieu

As a part of her research, Kieu met Dr. Johan Brahme at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre. She recalls knowing he was different at her consultation appointment, “He was one surgeon who did not pick me apart. He didn’t ‘up-sell’ other procedures. He wanted to help me achieve the look I was describing to him.”

After narrowing her search to a “short list, Kieu began to more closely evaluate the facility and the team that supported each surgeon, “At LJC the entire staff and facility were amazing. Dr. Brahme and his staff were very honest. They allowed me to do my research. They were always very helpful and ready to answer my questions.”

Kieu chose Dr. Brahme. Still she wanted and needed more information. She was not disappointed. “The communication and education was very important to me. They prepped me for my surgery. After surgery they called the same day to make sure I had taken all my meds and see if I needed anything after hours.”

Kieu loves her new look. Thinking back, she recalls, “My anxiety was high prior to surgery. Seeing my results, I was happy that I went thorough with the work I had done. Dr. Brahme and his staff are WONDERFUL… The nurses were always available to me. I loved going for my follow up appointments. They are always helpful and friendly and know you by your first name.”

Like so many LJC patients, Kieu shared her happiness and the results of her successful research, “I referred four of my girlfriends to Dr. Brahme who’ve all had surgery.”

How does this story end? Kieu is happy – a busy being a mother, wife and active business woman. She is in “serious training” to compete in the upcoming national Miss Fitness contest.

Remember the bikini that started all this? Well Kieu’s lookin’ very good!

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