Woman with a “boyish figure” gets curvy and loves her new look


From the time Judith was a teenager, she was unhappy with her body. She felt she had a boyish figure, being thin with a small chest. “As I grew up, I never felt like I had a woman’s body and it bothered me all the time. I spent a lot of time trying to hide my body with loose clothing and padded bras and even found it hard to look at myself in the mirror.”

At first, Judith was seeking treatment of her skin. As she was visiting the Centre one day, she saw information about plastic surgery at LJC. “It was like something I had thought about for so long clicked and I was ready to see a plastic surgeon.” Judith wanted to look into a breast augmentation.

“I had the chance to try on different implant sizes and I instantly felt different. They put so much time into helping patients choose the right size that you get to experience what you will look and feel like after surgery.”*Judith

Judith was ready for surgery, yet after deep consideration she decided on a rhinoplasty as well to get rid of a nagging bump on her nose. She was able to have both procedures completed at the same time.

Judith never hesitated going through with the surgery. Even through her confidence, she met resistance from friends and family. “They kept telling me I was perfect the way I was and didn’t need anything. I realized that no matter what anyone else said or wanted, I knew it was the right choice for me.”

After surgery, Judith explained, “It’s amazing the difference changing these two areas of my body has had on how I view myself. I love the way I look now and I’ve never felt like that before.”

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