21-year-old woman “catches up” with her girlfriends


Turning 21 is our second step into adulthood. For Larissa, it was a chance to fulfill a dream she had since she was in high school. Like most girls, she went through an awkward stage. She looked to her mother, who had raised her since her father had passed away when she was young, for advice and was confident that she would fill out over time.

“My mom had developed very early in life, when she was 13 years old, so I just figured I would catch up and my breasts would grow.” Larissa was always active as a teenager. She appeared confident on the outside, but was struggling with the fact that her breasts had yet to develop.

“As I got older, it definitely got harder. All of my girlfriends had great shapes and there I was trying to hide my flat chest any way that I could. It was exhausting.” She came to the decision that she would augment her breasts from surgery, and openly discussed it with her mother—like she did many things.

She had friends who had breast augmentations, and was recommended to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon at the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre. “I’m the type of person that does extensive research before I embark on anything so I went to the LJC website.” I loved everything I was reading.”

She saw two doctors before her appointment at LJC and was armed with many questions. “The minute I walked through the doors at LJC, I felt a sense of peacefulness. It’s absolutely beautiful but more than that, there is this ‘vibe’ you get that makes you feel like every patient matters. They took all the time we needed to ask questions—and we had a lot to ask!” She felt rushed during her prior consultations, but not at LJC. This made all the difference. “After all, this is a huge decision.”

Another difference LJC had from the others was their “test drive” program, which allows prospective patients to take pictures while trying on different implants. For the first time in her life, she saw what a difference this surgery could make. “I walked out knowing he was the doctor for me, but took an extra week to research everything again, especially safety issues.” She knew she would be cared for in their certified AAAASF surgical suite with a board certified anesthesiologist, and a team with years of experience. She booked her breast augmentation and decided to go with silicone implants. She was finally ready for the change.

Nearly two years after her surgery, she says she is most excited when she wears sports bras with her new figure. Exercise has always been a huge part of her life and she used to dread wearing sports bras. No longer.

“The way I feel in dresses, my clothes, and bathing suits are just the icing on the cake. I was never trying to be a sex symbol; I just wanted to feel more feminine and comfortable in my own skin. Mission accomplished: My confidence has skyrocketed!”Larissa

Some people don’t know what the right age is for a breast augmentation. Larissa says it all depends on the person. “I have always been mature beyond my years but I knew that this decision was 100% mine. I’d say you need to find a doctor that you feel totally comfortable with.”

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