Breast sizing program helps Paula choose the right size


Having a patient who puts time and effort into researching cosmetic surgery and physicians who perform the surgeries is music to our ears! La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre is proud of our team of board certified plastic surgeons as well as our AAAASF certified surgical suite, which are all important items to be researched before deciding on plastic surgery.

All of these things are exactly what brought Paula into our offices. “I had been curious about having breast augmentation for years. But when I finally got serious about it, I spent about six months finding out everything I could about the procedure and prospective surgeons.”

In preparation, Paula watched online videos, read physician’s biographies, looked at before and after photos, and studied countless websites. “This is my body. I was taking this decision very seriously and finally narrowed my choice to three doctors that I visited for personal evaluations.”

Paula’s homework on LJC had her ready to meet , a board certified plastic surgeon and the Centre’s Medical Director, about her breast augmentation.

“I loved that Dr. Saltz took so much time to listen to what I wanted, and then carefully explain all the options. Her portfolio of before and after pictures of breast surgeries was impressive.”Paula

Paula’s research also gave her a good idea about what she wanted, which is why LJC’s breast-sizing program really helped Paula see the possibilities. The program allows prospective patients to try on implants and have photos taken, which was a plus in Paula’s mind, being that another doctor was trying to get her to go up two sizes larger than what she wanted.

Shortly after, Paula made the decision to move ahead with the surgery, and a year later she still couldn’t be happier with the results. “Everything from that first step into LJC offices until today has gone as well as I could have ever hoped for. I never thought the surgery would change my life drastically, but it has given me added confidence and happiness. I did this surgery just for me, and that’s how it should be.”


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