Patient looks great in her 50s: breast augmentation and facelift


South Africa-born Susan’s life is never dull. While maintaining a web design business and sailing on the competitive circuit, she is also a single mom. In the last 15 years of living in the U.S., Susan has developed a passion for sailing. She has done everything from LEMWOD to Newport to Ensenada (twice!) in the Long Beach Yacht club, an all-women’s match race on the Catalina 37s.

Susan promised she would have cosmetic surgery done before her fiftieth birthday. When the time came, she kept her promise and decided on a facelift and breast augmentation. Choosing the right surgeon was of utmost importance to her.

“I did Hormone Replacement with Dr. Michael Roark in the past, and I really liked his style.” Even though Susan was familiar with Dr. Roark, she did a lot of research before making a decision. “I had questions that were answered very well by Dr. Roark and his staff, and believe me, did a lot of research online. I looked at videos and got feedback from doctors and patients. I’m just the type of person who likes to know how things work. In addition, everyone in the office is always so friendly, upbeat, and accommodating. Dr. Roark and LJC was definitely the best choice for me.”

An incredibly important element of the surgical process is family support. Susan was taken back when her former husband became her caregiver. He drove her to and from her surgery appointments even though he thought Susan didn’t need any work done. She mentioned her former husband was very supportive and “impressed with [the] final results.”

The breast augmentation was so natural; Susan’s son “didn’t even notice that [she] had a breast augmentation until someone mentioned it.” The 14 year old couldn’t understand why Susan would spend the money to have facial surgery. “He thinks I look a lot better and happier because I don’t have the frown marks on my face.”

The most difficult part of the procedure for Susan was following Dr. Roark’s orders to be less active while recovering. “I was a little put out that I couldn’t sail for 8 weeks. I am so active it was hard not to exercise, but after I hurt myself at the gym, I realized I really needed to follow Dr. Roark’s advice and take it easy.”

Susan was very pleased with the results and has really become accustomed to her new look. She is receiving a lot more attention and feels great when others compliment her appearance.

“My friends think the changes are great. I have given so many referrals to my women friends. When people hear I’ve had work done they always confide to me that they too would like to change something on themselves. I can’t say it enough… Dr. Roark is the best!”Susan

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