“My best friend and I had so much fun trying on the breast implants…” – Tara


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“I never thought I would have plastic surgery. It’s not that I’m opposed to it, I just always felt comfortable with my body the way it was.” Tara’s felt that way for most of her life. She liked the way her smaller breasts complimented her petite body, even when all her friends were having their breasts augmented. However, when Tara and her friend began an intense exercise regimen, her body changed in an unexpected way. “It was like my breasts started to deflate. It happened so quickly that it was really shocking.” Suddenly, her bras and clothes no longer fit her well.

She still didn’t consider plastic surgery, until her friend scheduled a joint consultation for them at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre. “I really thought I would just go along with her for the experience. I was really curious to see what going to a plastic surgeon was all about.” Tara made the decision to ask every possible question she had thought of in regards to breast enlargement.

After her many questions were answered, she was made to“test drive” implants of various shapes and sizes. “My best friend and I had so much fun trying on the breast implants and trying to get an idea of what size we wanted. A natural look was so important to me.” She had nothing but praise for the professional and knowledgeable staff of nurses. “It’s pretty amazing when you go to a plastic surgeon’s office and the staff is so open and willing to talk about their surgeries. It helped make me more comfortable making my decision.“

When it was time to pick the size of the breast implants, left the final decision in the hands of her board certified LJC plastic surgeon. “I figured, this is what he does every day, so I totally trusted him to wait until we were in surgery, and let him choose the size he thought best fit my body.” She also met with an LJC patient coordinator, who educated her on all the financing options that were available. “When I was weighing my decision, I didn’t just look at the bottom line price. I knew I was paying for a really qualified surgeon and staff, and a very safe place to have surgery.”

After about a month, she weighed her options and decided to have the augmentation. “Even after I made the decision to have the surgery I was really nervous. My nerves turned to excitement once I had my pre-op appointment and had all of my concerns addressed.” Throughout their pre-op and follow-up appointments, they addressed all of her safety concerns and made her completely comfortable in her decision.

While some patients have some trouble adjusting to their new breast size, Tara loved them instantly. She felt better with every passing day and loved her new breasts even more.

“They were perfect and I was so happy that I made the decision to have the surgery. I made sure to follow every single post-op instruction to the last detail.”Tara

Once thinking she would never consider plastic surgery, she now shares her experience with as many people as possible. “I just think people should realize that this is elective surgery so take the time to find the right surgeon and place to have your procedure. At LJC, I always felt like I was in control of my decisions, and was surrounded by a staff that treated me like I was part of the family.”

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