Size Isn’t Everything—But Symmetry Is!


Do you remember your teenage years and all those insecurities? Being a teenager is difficult enough as it is—now imagine if your body develops unevenly. LJC patient Brittany had to cope with all of that at once.

At about age 15, Brittany noticed a significant difference in the development of her breasts. She began to research her options for breast augmentation surgery as a way to even up the size of her breasts.

Although she was bothered by the contrast in her breast sizes, Brittany was apprehensive about a surgical procedure. She also recalls, “Because I was an athlete, there never seemed to be a good time to have it done.” Despite her concerns, Brittany eventually decided to pursue her breast surgery.

Brittany began a meticulous and careful investigation of potential providers. She came to LJC to meet with Dr. Lori Saltz because of the following criteria:

  • A celebrated reputation
  • Board certified doctors and anesthesiologists
  • An accredited operating room with an emphasis on safety
  • A caring and qualified staff with a stellar pre-and post-operative care program

“It took me several months and extensive research before I decided on a surgeon. Once I met with Dr. Saltz, I knew she and LJC were the perfect fit for me.”*Brittany

At last, Brittany was ready to go for it!

Now fully recovered and back to her active life, Brittany says she’s happy and pleased with her decision and results. Her choice to undergo cosmetic surgery has not hindered her activity level in the slightest.

Brittany describes her surgery as “life changing and confidence building.” She imparts some very wise words for anyone considering a cosmetic enhancement…

“Most importantly, I feel like I took control of my body and made a decision that was best for me. It is something that you absolutely must do for yourself and no one else. I believe if you listen to your heart, you will never go wrong.”*Brittany

Thank you, Brittany. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


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