How Half a Breast Augmentation Saved One Woman’s Confidence

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Whether cosmetic or reconstructive in nature, plastic surgery is a personal decision—and time and time again we see how it can positively impact self esteem.

Buzzfeed recently shared a brave woman’s personal account of her breast augmentation journey—and how fixing her uneven breasts changed her life.

From chicken cutlets to breast implants

After her breasts began developing unevenly, Julia’s teen and early adulthood years were filled with anxiety. Struggling with “chicken cutlet” silicone inserts on a daily basis, fearing locker rooms, and never removing her bra in intimate moments left her feeling not quite whole or feminine.

After her breasts began developing unevenly, Julia’s teen and early adulthood years were filled with anxiety.

She saw doctors, had her hormone levels tested, and kept wishing her one breast would grow, all to no avail. With one breast a C-cup and the other almost completely flat, she realized the only way to normalize her breasts—and finally feel confident—would be to have cosmetic surgery.

After multiple surgeries with two different plastic surgeons, the author finally felt relatively normal and came to a place of self-acceptance. Though her breasts were not perfect, she could now look in the mirror and feel confident with her body. You can read her full story here.

Finding a better self, inside and out

Breast augmentation is life-changing for many women, as it was for Julia. But understanding whether or not it is the right option for you is personal.

Making the best decision for yourself begins with finding an experienced, understanding doctor. During your personal consultation, you can discuss pros and cons of surgery with a real plastic surgeon who is familiar with every detail of the procedure. They will want to hear all about your goals and hopes, and will let you know if your expectations are realistic. You’ll also be able to try on a range of implants to get an idea of what it would look and feel like to have larger or more even breasts.

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