How To Get Perky Breasts (8 Do’s and Don’ts)

San Diego woman with perky breasts

Most women would love to know how to keep their breasts perky. And we’ve all heard of miracle potions and products that promise to enhance the appearance of your breasts or secret exercises that combat gravity’s pull. But the truth is, there’s no secret to perkier breasts outside of cosmetic surgery. There are, however, many habits you can adopt to retain their breasts’ perkiness, even if there’s no regaining it.

So let’s go through a couple of do’s and don’ts of keeping “the girls” perky.

Don’t: Waste $ on Creams and Lotions That Promise Enhanced Breast Shape

Breasts sag due to breast tissues naturally losing their integrity, primarily Cooper’s ligaments. These are the fibrous, flexible bands of tissue that support your breasts’ shape and structure. When these ligaments and the surrounding tissues stretch over time, it leads to sagging (or “ptosis”). Unfortunately, no topical product can reverse this. Save your money!

Do: Invest in Quality Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Moisturizing your breasts won’t reverse the sagging process, but it can help your skin remain stronger and firmer for longer. Additionally, UV rays can increase the rate at which tissues break down, so make sure to protect your breasts from the sun with an SPF 30 or higher.

Don’t: Wear Bras That Give Too Much Lift to Your Breasts

Studies show that wearing bras that are too supportive can actually weaken the muscles supporting your breasts, which can potentially speed up the sagging process.

Do: Wear Properly Fitted Bras That Aid Your Body in Supporting Your Breasts

It might be appealing to have a beautiful lacy push-up—and we’re all for lingerie that makes you feel good about yourself—but the truth is that how a bra fits your breasts should be the most important factor in choosing your everyday bras. If you’ve not been professionally fitted at a lingerie store or your shape has changed since your last fitting, treat yourself to a bra fitting soon.

Don’t: Avoid Exercises That Make Your Breasts Bounce

There is no proven connection between your breasts bouncing up and down and increased sagging. Effective and valuable exercises require a lot of movement and there’s no reason to shy away.

Do: Maintain a Consistent Weight Through Regular Exercise and a Healthy Diet

Fluctuations in weight stretch the skin of your breasts and result in decreased elasticity of your breast tissue, which contributes to drooping. Increasing your core strength through exercise is a great way to build up the muscles that support your breasts.

Don’t: Expect Breast Implants to Beat Gravity

If you decide to invest in breast augmentation surgery, know that implants increase breast fullness, but do not combat sagging. If you already have noticeable sagging, implants alone are unlikely to cure the issue.

Do: Consider a Breast Lift

The breast lift is an underrated procedure designed to reverse the effects of gravity on your breasts to help restore a youthful shape. Combining a breast lift with augmentation can give you both perkiness and fullness; it’s no wonder the combined procedure is so popular among our visitors!

Answering Your Questions About Breast Perkiness

There are lots of myths about breast perkiness floating around out there. Let’s talk over a few common questions.

Q: Will chest exercises make my breasts look perkier?

A: Building up the pectoralis muscles in your chest will not give your breasts a dramatically lifted look, because it doesn’t affect the fat, skin, and other soft tissues responsible for sagging. But it does have some benefits!

Strengthening your chest, shoulder, and back muscles is a great way to improve your posture, especially when combined with flexibility exercises like yoga. When you pull your shoulders back and lift your chest, your breasts naturally look a little more lifted. Plus, these workouts are just plain good for you—so go for it!

Q: Why do breasts sag over time?

A: There are 2 main causes of breast sagging:

  • Weakening supportive ligaments: You can thank gravity and the aging process for this one! As collagen and elastin break down in our bodies over the years, our tissues have a harder time bouncing back from gravity’s downward pull, leaving our breasts lower and droopier than we’d like.
  • Reduction in breast volume: When we lose breast volume (typically as a result of weight loss), our skin becomes a little looser and gives the breasts a deflated look. This often happens after childbirth—not as a result of breastfeeding, but because of the dramatic fluctuations in breast size that happen during and after pregnancy.

Q: Will splashing cold water on my breasts make them firmer?

A: This may improve blood flow and boost your skin’s elasticity a bit, but it won’t have a noticeable effect on your breast shape. Skip the ice bath and stay warm instead!

Q: Will sleeping on my side make my breasts sag?

A: Sleeping on your side leaves your breasts dangling downward, which may contribute to sagging a bit. The best sleeping position for your breasts is on your back, which lets your chest support the full weight of your breasts. (This also prevents wrinkles!) But more important than how you sleep? Getting plenty of good sleep so your body can repair itself and stay healthy and youthful.

Q: Does smoking make breasts sag?

A: Yep, it does! It’s yet another reason to try quitting if you haven’t yet. Smoking breaks down elastin in the skin, which gives us wrinkles and, yes, contributes to breast sagging.

Q: Are there any nonsurgical breast lift options that really work?

A: There are some nonsurgical treatments out there that claim to lift or tighten the breasts through radiofrequency energy, injections, and more. One of the most effective options is a NovaThread® lift, which uses dissolvable, injectable threads to lift and tighten tissues. But ultimately, nothing really compares to breast lift results in terms of their effectiveness and longevity. There’s a reason the procedure gets more popular every year!

Q: I’m thinking about removing my breast implants. Will that make my breasts sag?

A: You likely will have some sagging, drooping, or deflation after removing your implants or exchanging them for smaller ones, especially if your implants were large or in place for many years. It’s often a good idea to combine your implant removal with a breast lift to make sure you end up with firm, lifted, perky breasts. In most cases, this can be done at the same time as your implant removal.

3 Breast-Lifting Hacks You Can Try Now

These quick fixes won’t give you perkier boobs in the long run, but if you’re looking for a temporary solution, here are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve:

  • Boob contouring: Yep, it’s a thing! Use darker makeup shades to deepen shadows and add a highlighter to areas you want to stand out. (But maybe steer away from a white neckline that may get smudged!)
  • Breast lift tape: You can pick up skin-safe body tape online or at most places that sell lingerie. The downside is you’ll need to wear clothes you know will cover the tape up, so most swimsuits are out.
  • Silicone bra inserts: Pop these into your bra to push your breasts subtly upward and inward. In a pinch, you can also use socks!

And of course, nothing beats fantastic posture, a gorgeous smile, and the confidence that comes with knowing you are stunning—which you are!

The Bottom Line on Perky Boobs

Beauty blogs, popular magazines, and old wives’ tales may include tips, tricks, and remedies for avoiding or even reversing sagging, but the truth is, breast drooping is an inevitable part of your breasts’ lifespan. But just because it’s inevitable doesn’t mean you have to let drooping breasts affect your confidence. Breast enhancement procedures like a breast lift or breast augmentation at our San Diego-area practice can help restore youthful firmness and contour to your breasts by reducing excess, lax skin.

If you would like to talk about your options with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, please contact us online or give us a call at (858) 452-1981. We can’t wait to meet you and help you make your dream breasts real!