Erica knew Dr. Smoot was the right surgeon for her…twice!

ljcsc breast implant revision patient

One thing we tell all of our breast augmentation patients at LJC is this: expect to enjoy your new breasts for many years, but also expect to replace your implants at some point. When Erica was ready to update her saline implants after 12 years (and two kids!), she knew right from the start which surgeon she trusted to give her great results with breast implant revision: Dr. John Smoot at LJC.

Her decision was easy because Dr. Smoot performed Erica’s initial breast augmentation, and she was thrilled with her results and experience then. She reflects on her first procedure:

I started considering breast augmentation around the age of 18. I was very small chested and curvy, and I knew breast augmentation would help me feel more comfortable and confident in myself. After researching, speaking to my friend who had her surgery with Dr. Smoot, and seeing his portfolio, I knew Dr. Smoot was ‘the one.’ Because I was young, Dr. Smoot asked me many questions to make sure the surgery was what I REALLY wanted. His care to make sure I wasn’t making any rash decisions ensured me that he was also interested in my well-being and future.

Fast-forward 12 years, and Erica had become a mom to two gorgeous kids. During the last month of her second pregnancy, Erica’s left saline implant ruptured. She had been well-educated by Dr. Smoot and his nurse, Carmen, before her first breast augmentation that her implants would likely need replacing at some point, so she immediately called Carmen when she suspected a rupture.

I noticed a size difference, but wasn’t positive that the implant had ruptured. When I felt a hard lump, it scared me, but Carmen put me at ease and reassured me that the lump was just the implant shell, and that the saline wouldn’t harm my baby.

After Erica was finished breastfeeding, she came to LJC for a consultation with Dr. Smoot about breast implant replacement. By this point, she had developed scar tissue around the deflated saline implant, which was beginning to cause some pain in surrounding muscles, especially when Erica lifted her kids. She was very excited to move forward with her secondary breast augmentation.

Once again, Dr. Smoot and Carmen made me feel very comfortable, and I knew I was in good hands. We went over many different implant options, so I was confident in the decision I was making. My body had changed after having 2 kids, and now I had two different sized and shaped breasts, with scar tissue—I knew Dr. Smoot had his work cut out for him.

Erica needed more than a simple implant exchange to address the scar tissue, correct sagging that had occurred after two pregnancies, and improve symmetry between her breasts. She admits feeling nervous about the cost of her procedure, but says the LJC financing specialists really came through:

The caring staff really listened to what I wanted and took their time with me. I didn’t feel rushed at all. The financing department considered my budget and presented several options that worked for me, with affordable payments. I booked my surgery right away.

Erica had her breast revision surgery with Dr. Smoot, and is as thrilled with her outcome this time around as she was after her first breast augmentation. She credits the entire LJC team for her safe, successful procedure and outstanding experience.

It was extremely important to me to know that my doctors and nurses were all board certified and could educate me on what I was putting in my body. As for choosing LJC, their reputation and longevity as a practice was a huge factor—I knew that if they were in business after 30 years and still had most of the same staff, this was a trusted practice to go back to.

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