The vast majority of women with breast implants are happy with their results and enjoy their new curves without complication. On occasion, however, a patient will want or need to have her implants exchanged with breast revision surgery.

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Why do patients have breast revision surgery?

One of the most common reasons patients come in for revision is for size change. If you have already had a breast augmentation and you desire your breasts to be either larger or smaller, we can help you find the breast implants that will best match what you would like.

Revision of your breast augmentation may be indicated if your breast implants show rippling, are too hard (usually an indication of capsular contracture), or are unequal in shape or size.

Using Tissue Matrix for Breast Implant Revision

Our breast revision specialists, board certified plastic surgeons Dr. John Smoot and Dr. Lori Saltz, both are experienced using reconstructive tissue matrices during breast implant revision, including Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix and GalaFLEX Soft Tissue Support. Both are strong, sterile and flexible sheets that add support to your existing breast tissue and can be used to help correct a number of issues, such as:

At your consultation, we’ll explain how each option works, or you can learn more now about GalaFLEX or Strattice on our site.

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Your breast revision at LJCSC

The intended result of revision breast surgery are good looking, soft and symmetrical breasts. A breast implant revision may eliminate dense scar tissue around the breast implant, and give you a more positive self-image.

“I originally came in for the appointment feeling hopeless due to capsulation of my right breast. I left feeling very hopeful. Three months post-op, things are looking better than ever. Dr. Smoot and Carmen, his nurse, were reassuring & supportive. Carmen called numerous times after my surgery to check on me. I can’t tell you how much that meant.”*
—Breast Revision Patient

This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Revision of breast enlargement usually involves releasing or excising the capsule around your current breast implant(s) and recreating an ideal pocket or space for the breast implant(s) to rest.

A revision is usually performed through your old incision. The old scar is excised and a new one created in the same location. The old or new implant is replaced either above or below the muscle, depending upon your consultation.

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