Staying Home Due to COVID Guidelines? Now May Be the Perfect Time for Plastic Surgery

Covid is a good time to get plastic surgery in La Jolla

With social distancing guidelines in place and so many aspects of our lives going virtual, it’s easy to feel like your plans or goals are on hold. Fortunately, plastic surgery here in San Diego is one thing you don’t have to postpone. In fact, now may be a better time than ever to schedule that procedure that’s been hanging around on your wish list.

Thanks in part to all those Zoom meetings and our increased time on camera, requests for plastic surgery are currently on the rise. Allure reports plastic surgeons across the country are seeing increased interest.

Why are people deciding now is the perfect time to pursue surgery? Read on to learn more.

No stressing out about FOMO.

No big social gatherings mean less pressure to go out and socialize in person right after surgery. In normal circumstances, preparing for surgery means making peace with missing out on events for a couple of weeks as you heal.

At the moment, that’s not an issue you have to contend with. Waiting for your bruising and swelling to subside while everyone else is also tucked away at home makes the whole experience that much easier to get through.

La Jolla woman recovering from plastic surgery

Connecting virtually is easier than ever.

So much of life has moved online as a result of COVID, and this is to your benefit during the recovery process.  Work-from-home options and virtual hangouts are more accessible and widely used than they were before. That translates to less time away from work and catching up with friends and family while you recuperate.

No sun exposure, no problem.

Keeping your incisions protected from the sun is essential after surgery, and that’s much easier to do when you’re spending more time indoors. Because San Diego is sunny year-round, stay-at-home orders are the closest thing we have to those winter “hibernation” months people elsewhere use to hide away and recover.

Gentle, socially distanced strolls around the block are totally OK during recovery. Just make sure to layer on the SPF to protect your scars from the sun. You may even want to give your skin a little extra TLC with an at-home StaySpa experience. Learn how to make it happen in this previous blog post.

La Jolla woman treating herself to an at-home StaySpa

Virtual consultations limit your trips to your plastic surgeon’s office.

You can keep trips away from home to a minimum with virtual consultations and follow-ups. Our 5-star-rated virtual consultations use a HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom to connect you directly with your plastic surgeon for pre-op and post-op meetings. It’s an easy and secure way to get all the care you need, even with stay-at-home guidelines in place.

The virtual consultation with Dr. Saltz and Nurse Ruth went flawlessly! We were able to chat and answer questions as comfortable as we would be if we were in person pre-COVID! I was able to feel their personalities and sense of professionalism through the screen, which made me even more excited for my surgery! —LJCSC Patient Review

Want to learn more about why now is a great time to pursue plastic surgery? If you would like to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon in San Diego, please contact us online or call (858) 452-1981. We look forward to hearing from you!