Meet Heather Kruse

Surgical Technician

If you’ve had a procedure at LJCSC over the last 20 years, chances are you’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with Heather Kruse. As a surgical technologist, Heather plays a crucial role in the OR—and she takes her duty to keep you safe and assist your surgeon seriously.

I love knowing that what we are doing in the operating room is going to leave patients with a great self confidence that will transform their lives for the better.

Every LJCSC patient gets a dedicated OR team whose job it is to make sure you are safe, that your procedure goes smoothly, and that your surgeon can focus on giving you great results—and each member of the team must work together to ensure an optimal outcome.

As your surgical technologist, Heather helps prepare the operating room for you, ensures everything is sterile, and assists your surgeon throughout the procedure by anticipating what he or she will need.

When she’s not performing these important duties at LJCSC, Heather loves spending time with her foster dogs. In fact, she’s always dreamed of running an animal rescue, and if she had a month to herself, she’d take off in an RV with her pups for an adventure.