Face & Hair

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Lift sagging skin on the face and jawline while smoothing facial folds
Neck Lift Rejuvenation

Neck Lift & Rejuvenation

Tighten lax and crepey skin, correct vertical banding, and restore smooth, firm contours
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Eyelid Surgery

Reduce excess skin & pockets of fat around the eyes
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Revitalize your look by lifting and tightening skin, smoothing out wrinkles, eliminating jowls, and defining your jawline.
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Reshape & resize the nose
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Revision Rhinoplasty

Correct imperfections and create the nose you want
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Brow Lift

Lift the brow & smooth forehead wrinkles
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Neck Liposuction

Reduce excess fat on the jaw, neck, & under the chin
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Ear Pinning & Earlobe Reduction Surgery

Improve shape, size, & protrusion of the ears & earlobes
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SmartGraft® Hair Transplants

Long-lasting, natural hair transplants without a linear scar
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non surgical

Scar Treatments

Improve various types of scarring from surgery, acne & chicken pox
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Facial Fat/Nanofat Transfer

Provide volume to the face using your own fat

Lip Lift 

A lip lift subtly enhances the appearance of your upper lip, creating a plump, more well-defined pout that looks natural.
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Buccal Fat Removal

Removing buccal fat can give your face a more sculpted and contoured look.
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Facelift - Mini

Address mild to moderate facial aging using a less invasive technique
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Facelift - Deep Plane

Enhances the cheekbones, creates a defined jawline, and restores the neck’s attractive contours
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Chin Augmentation

Design your dream jawline and bring your facial features into harmony
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