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"'A positive mind, a positive life’ means to work, save, travel, repeat."

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Margie Thompson has been a helping hand to La Jolla Cosmetic’s doctors and nurses since the beginning of 2022. Her main role is taking photos of patients before and after procedures for them to later look at and compare progression. She always takes inventory of what is needed in the clinic and stock rooms.

Margie finds it hard to decide what she loves most about her job because she genuinely loves it all. She loves how everyone at the office is supportive and gets along, and she also enjoys socializing and connecting with patients while helping them out. If she weren’t a medical assistant, Margie imagines she would be a flight attendant because she loves socializing and being around people in general.

When she’s not at work, you can find Margie spending time with her grandchildren, Lukas and Emi Kay. Time spent with them makes her days brighter, as they make her happier than anything. 

Outside of work, Margie is still a people-loving person full of energy. If she had a month totally to herself, Margie would take the time to travel, spend time with her family, exercise, hike and more.

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