Finding the Right Option for Breast Revision Surgery in San Diego: Implant Removal, Replacement, or Lift?

So you have made the decision to have revision breast surgery and wondering what options you have. There are several options to choose from but every case is different and a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is always recommended to help you figure out which option is best for you.

Removal Of Breast Implants

Many women simply want to have their breast implants removed. This is always the simplest option… but possibly not the best one esthetically.

Factors to take into account include how large the implants are, how much breast tissue you have, your age, and how long your implants have been in. The larger the implant, the more stretched out the tissue may be. Women with large implants and very little breast tissue will have a very deflated look and possibly some deformity. In this case a breast lift should be considered.

Younger patients usually have a better chance of the tissue “retracting” back and not remaining stretched out. Women with a moderate amount of their own breast tissue will tend to have a better result. It all depends on your body.

Removal And Replacement

This options works well for many women who want to retain the fullness of an implant. The old implant is removed, capsule evaluated, and a new implant is placed. It is possible to place the same size implant, a larger or smaller breast implant at that time. This procedure is relatively straightforward and usually produces excellent results as long as the breast tissue is not too droopy.

Removal And Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Women who want to totally remove the breast implant, but do not want a droopy appearance, can opt for a removal and breast lift. At the time the implant is removed, skin will be removed, and the breast tissue reconstructed to lift it to a higher position. The results will vary depending on how much breast tissue you have.

Removal, Replacement, And Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Some women develop breast drooping as they age. They still would like to enjoy the fullness of a breast implant but also need the nipple elevated and breast tissue lifted. At this single operation, it is possible to adjust the size of the breast implant. It is possible to go smaller or larger depending on what your goals are. The procedure places incisions around the areola and in the breast crease. This is a great option for women who need a breast lift but also want to keep the medial pole fullness that a breast implant provides.

If you are contemplating options for breast revision surgery, make your consultation with me to create a personalized plan that meets your goals. I will listen to your concerns and desires very carefully and create a personalized plan for you.