How Much Does Facelift Surgery Cost in San Diego, California?

What Is a Typical Facelift Surgery Price Range?

The cost of facelift surgery at LJC is typically $18,700 to $20,700.

Procedure Fee Range
Facelift $18,700–$20,700

This price depends on whether you would benefit from a mini or standard facelift. You may need to add a neck lift to your facelift if you have sagging skin and folds in the frontal part of your neck, or neck liposuction if you have deposits of fat in the neck and under the chin.

Additionally, some people seeking total facial rejuvenation combine their facelift with a brow, eyelid, and neck lift. View our facial plastic surgery pricing page for more information.

A facelift may be more economical than repeated BOTOX® & filler injections in the long run.

Keep in mind that surgical facial rejuvenation can be a very worthwhile investment; it’s our most effective tool for turning back the clock. Your money is likely better spent on this long-lasting solution, rather than on expensive creams and treatments that cannot eliminate excess skin.

You can see the type of results our patients enjoy in their facelift before and after pictures.

What Does the Cost of a Facelift Include?

We want you to have as much information about your facelift and its potential costs as possible. In general, our facelift prices include:

  • Surgeon’s fee (All procedures are performed by one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.)
  • All visits before and after surgery
  • Operating room time and supplies (AAAASF-certified center)
  • Anesthesia (board-certified physician anesthesiologist)

We’ll provide you with a personalized price estimate at your free consultation. Your facelift cost estimate is good for three months, which allows you time to consider your options and plan ahead.

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Facelift Financing Is Available

Apply for financing at LJC and you can have an affordable payment plan spread out over time. We work with PatientFi®, ALPHAEON Credit®, CareCredit®, United Medical Credit, and MyPoint Credit Union to give you a variety of options.

Ready to Get Started?

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