Strattice Symmastia Correction

Correcing Symmastia with Strattice Tissue Matrix™

The normal appearance of breasts includes a natural space between the breasts, defined by a gentle fold called the medial fold. The medial fold separates the breasts, giving them shape, form, and that lovely cleavage we all want. Even if your breasts are naturally large or you’ve had a little help, there should be a degree of separation to give each breast definition.


What is Symmastia?

Symmastia (also sometimes called synmastia) is a condition in which the breasts are too close together or possibly even touch one another. It can occur following breast augmentation surgery if:

  • The breast pocket was made slightly too large
  • The breasts have migrated out of their original position
  • The fibrous tissue which creates the fold between the breasts (medial fold) becomes weak or stretched

Historically, symmastia has often been difficult to correct because of the delicate nature of the natural medial fold.

Surgical Correction with Strattice™

Typically, breast revision surgery is needed to correct symmastia. During the procedure, your surgeon will recreate the medial fold to improve the implant’s position and restore a more natural space between the breasts. Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix (TM) can serve as a tool to assist in supporting the repaired or newly created medial fold.


Pieces of Strattice™ placed on the medial side of the breasts during revision surgery can reinforce existing weak or inadequate tissue to help provide additional support and hold the breast pocket in the desired location.


Learn more at a personal consultation

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