The Best Instagram Trainers to Follow for At-Home Workouts

Between work, family, household chores, and trying to be a good friend, it can be challenging to hit the gym as often as you should. Fortunately, technology is on our side—and there are a ton of at-home workouts (and trainers) you can look to for some fitness inspiration. recently featured the top doable at-home workouts, and you’ll find them on a familiar social media outlet—Instagram. Here are some trainers you should get to know.

The celebrity trainer

You know a trainer is good when Alicia Keys and Pink, among many other celebrities, trust their expertise to look and feel their best. That’s why Jeanette Jenkins is a must-follow. But her famous client list isn’t why she’s featured here—we’re all about her Insta-feed full of creative routines you can do practically anywhere.

Jeanette combines super intense ab exercises with the best of HIIT (high intensity training) for the ultimate workout. She even demonstrates how you can do your exercises in the middle of a city using your body and a park bench. WOW!

The doctor is in

If you often find yourself wondering why a particular exercise move is recommended, you’ll want to check out licensed physical therapist Dr. Laura Miranda. Many of her awesome workout videos feature educational information about what the exercises are doing for your body and why they are important.

A trainer for every BODY

Sometimes, seeing chiseled, perfectly proportioned bodies can be discouraging for those new to fitness. That’s one of the main reasons why we love the social media fitness community: there’s a good chance you can find someone who looks like you. The Plus Sized Trainer is a great example of someone who doesn’t fit the traditional aesthetic of a trainer but is still a badass. We love the variety of workouts she shares, her motivational story about her own weight loss journey, and her message that bodies of all shapes and sizes can get out and move.

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