Wearing Lingerie for Yourself: Top Tips for Confidence & Comfort

ljcsc-lingerieGood lingerie can be empowering, whether you prefer structured undergarments or barely-there lace panties. If you’re looking to add a few special underthings to your collection, finding flirty lingerie that’s also wearable can be a challenge.

A good place to start is the sweet list of lingerie for comfort and confidence Oprah.com put together. The beauty experts here at LJC also have tips to help you look gorgeous and feel confident all day and night.

What Kind of Lingerie Is Right for You?

Lingerie is not one size fits all—different cuts, styles, and flourishes flatter each body differently. Finding the right fit can keep you from feeling self-conscious or constantly pulling and fidgeting all day—and feeling good about what you’re wearing can greatly impact your personal comfort.

If you’re curvy….

…structure and sexiness don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Demi-cupped bras are a great way to keep your lower breast supported while highlighting the shape of your upper breast. Paired with matching full-coverage boy shorts or a high-waisted panty, this duo should be comfortable, supportive, and alluring!

If you have small breasts…

…you can go for style over support and still be comfortable. Enhance your assets with a bra that has underwire, subtle side padding, and half-cups. Or go au natural with delicate lace pieces that highlight your natural shape.

If you have an athletic build…

…lace and frills can soften your look and provide a feminine appearance. Pick comfortable pieces that have flirty flourishes to maximize the effect. Plunging bras can make smaller breasts look shapelier and high-waisted, barely there underwear can show off your fit physique and highlight your hips.

If you have a “pear” shape…

…you’ll probably need to avoid paired sets to keep it comfortable. But this can work in your favor! Have fun matching designs and finding pieces that draw attention to your upper body. Structures bras with flourishes or ruffles can boost your chest, while boy shorts, high-waisted panties, and lacing will flatter your lower half.

Tips for the Perfect Fit

It’s important to pay attention to fit in addition to fashion. When you’re trying on bras, make sure the back and front of your bra are level. If the band curves upward, droops down, or digs into your flesh, it’s probably not your right size. When in doubt, ask a sales associate for a personal fitting—most lingerie stores do this for free.

Panties are more forgiving, so go wild picking out a bold pair. New panties are a great way to kick-start your lingerie collection, whether it’s cotton in fun prints or lacy confections that make you feel super feminine.

More ideas for getting a great fit while feeling fabulous:

  • You can bend the rules in your direction with a pretty yet practical memory bra that conforms to your unique shape and helps you look great in (or out of!) your clothing.
  • Control-wear no longer has to be beige and embarrassing. New designs, bolder colors, and lacy flourishes have transformed Spanx into double-duty pieces that look glamorous while giving your figure an assist.
  • Simple can be sexy, no matter your body type—and you don’t need to strap everything down to feel and look beautiful. Fancy babydolls can “dress up” every woman’s fabulously feminine contours.
  • Feeling flirty? You can secretly spice up your go-to little black dress with the always classic garter belt plus thigh-high combo, or a sheer bralette.

The Most Important Thing

Comfortable bras can give your gals a big boost and playful panties are a great way to make you look and feel your best from the foundation up. But perhaps the most important thing is to choose lingerie that supports your natural shape and makes you feel beautiful inside and out. Whether you have a partner in mind or just want to give yourself a little lift, lingerie can be your secret weapon to feeling confident everywhere you go.