Breast and body lift transforms Beth’s body after gastric bypass


Four years ago, Beth went on a journey to rediscover herself and her body. She began with gastic bypass surgery that led to an amazing 130 pound weight loss. Along with the great accomplishment, Beth also experienced excess skin that most patients with dramatic weight loss experience, which also led to sagging breasts.

Her next step on her journey led her to a breast lift (mastopexy). “I asked friends for recommendations and turned to the Internet to research everything I could about breast lifts. I repeatedly kept coming across La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre in my searches.” After researching information, before and after images and doctors, Beth decided to visit Dr. Lori Saltz, the Centre’s Medical Director.

The consultation went better than she ever could have expected. “I loved that she didn’t rush me and took what I felt was a completely embarrassing situation, and made me realize that it is a common problem that occurs with weight loss and aging.”

On the day of the surgery, Beth’s husband waited patiently in the living room of LJC. He later told Beth that Dr. Saltz did an amazing thing during surgery that he would never forget. “After she had completed one side of my breast lift, she took a picture and brought it out to my husband to show him how amazing they were going to look. The fact that she not only took the time to talk to my husband, but was so personally excited about the result, is something we will always remember.”

The year after her breast lift, Beth was ready to complete her transformation. She met once again with Dr. Saltz about a body lift, and through her consultation they decided on proceeding with a body lift and liposculpture to her thighs. “When people say that plastic surgery has to be something you personally want, it’s very true because you have to be ready to go through the highs and the lows.”

“I look at this entire process from the weight loss surgery to the cosmetic procedures as a road I needed to travel. For me, the cosmetic procedures were truly the icing on the cake.”Beth

Asked how she her life has changed, Beth states, “It’s hard to put into words but I am a better mother, wife, and individual. I am forever changed for the better.”


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