“I finally felt like myself!” How rhinoplasty helped one patient renew her confidence

Natalie had been considered rhinoplasty, a.k.a. a “nose job,” for as long as she could remember. But it took a major jolt in her life to motivate her to finally do this for herself.

I had just landed a new job, after experiencing both a lot of personal growth and setbacks last year. To celebrate my accomplishments, and to feel better about the negatives happening, I felt it was the right time to do something strictly for me to help my confidence levels.

She didn’t rush into surgery, though. After much online research into the procedure, and to find qualified rhinoplasty surgeons in San Diego, Natalie decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ervin Wheeler at LJC. She immediately felt she was in the right place, with the right person to perform her procedure.

As soon as I met Dr. Wheeler, I knew I wanted him to do my surgery. He was so personable and polite while still being matter of fact. He also does a lot of charity work, which really touched my heart. He is a great guy!

In addition to Dr. Wheeler’s training, experience, and qualifications as a board certified plastic surgeon, Natalie based her decision on the exceptional level of support and safety she experienced at LJC. A fully qualified OR team and board certified anesthesiologist were a must, as well as clear, honest and frequent communication between doctor, staff and patient:

Communication is extremely important to me. I’m one of those people who feels more at ease when I have all the facts. Jalayne, Dr. Wheeler’s nurse, was extremely helpful through the whole process and answered every question I had (there were A LOT). In my consultation, Dr. Wheeler was awesome at answering all my questions openly and honestly while being calm and reassuring. Every person I encountered at LJC was so warm and friendly. I’d never had a major surgery before and I was nervous, to say the least. I always felt calm and reassured after every visit.

On the day of her surgery, Natalie admits to being a little scared, but says that the operating room staff’s professionalism and sense of humor quickly assuaged her fears. Plus, she was excited to leave her old nose behind:

We were all cracking jokes as [the OR staff] were prepping me. They were like a well oiled machine. I am so impressed with them! Before I went into surgery I snapped a picture and uploaded it to social media saying “goodbye!” to the nose bump. It was a good feeling to know it was about to be corrected.

After surgery, Natalie says she followed all of her after-care steps “to the letter,” knowing there would be some not-so-pleasant aspects. However, she kept her “eyes on the prize,” and was rewarded with an easier-than-expected recovery.

Did Natalie make the right decision to have rhinoplasty and choose Dr. Wheeler and LJC for her surgery? Here’s what she had to say:

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Wheeler and the LJC staff. When I got my cast off of my nose after my first week, I already could not believe the difference! I finally felt like myself! Even with some mild swelling and bruising, I remember crying and saying ‘oh my gosh—I look like ME—the me I was supposed to be.’ I’ve never been happier.

Dr. Wheeler is a miracle worker, I feel like I should carry his cards around in my pocket! Everyone at LJC is just a delight to work with…they are proud of their work and appreciate each other, because everyone plays a critical role in changing patients’ lives. I hope they know how much they have changed my life for the better.

Now, many months after her surgery, we asked Natalie what advice she has for anyone considering cosmetic surgery for themselves. Her inspiring answer warmed our hearts and nearly brought tears to our eyes:

If something about your appearance really bothers you, don’t be scared or ashamed to change it. Don’t let people pressure you into or out of changing. This should be for you. It’s a personal journey and everyone walks it differently. We only get one life and one body. If you’re able to make a change for the better and have the means to do it, go for it!

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