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Silicone or Saline Implants: It’s Your Choice

Since the FDA approval of silicone gel breast implants, your options with breast enlargement, breast lift with implant procedures, and breast implant revision have expanded considerably. Plastic surgeons in the U.S. have three main choices of manufacturers for silicone and saline breast implants that are FDA approved. These three companies—Sientra, Allergan, and Mentor—all make excellent products.

Your Implant Options: Silicone Gel, a.k.a “Gummy Bears,” or Saline

At LJCSC, we primarily use round and shaped silicone gel implants by Sientra (a.k.a. “gummy bear” implants). Sientra offers the widest range of shapes and styles available today. All of our surgeons prefer Sientra’s silicone gel implants but we also offer saline-filled implants by Allergan or Mentor.

While the online chatter may give the impression that one implant type, round or shaped, silicone or saline, is “best,” we believe that your body geometry, your desired look, your personal preferences, and even your age are what really matter when choosing implants. Our board certified plastic surgeons each have over 25 years of experience performing breast augmentations and and we’ll help you choose the implant that best coincides with your specific goals and anatomy. You’ll be able to preview the look you want during an individual implant sizing & shaping session.

Sientra Breast Implants: the Latest Technology in Silicone Gel

SientraBadge-250 (1)Sientra silicone gel breast implants are available only to board certified plastic surgeons (click here to learn what it means to be a board certified plastic surgeon). Sientra uses the latest in silicone gel technology to produce an implant that is stronger than any other manufacturer.  This results in the most durable implant available while still remaining soft and helps the implant feel and look very natural in your body.

At LJCSC, we use Sientra implants for all our breast augmentation procedures because:

  • Sientra implants have a lower rupture rate, which reduces the risk of a possible secondary surgery due to a ruptured implant.
  • Their exterior design reduces the likelihood of wrinkling and rippling which are important factors for maintaining a natural appearance in your body.
  • We’ve found that Sientra’s exterior design also reduces the likelihood you can feel the edges of Sientra implants once they are implanted (i.e, they are less palpable).
  • Sientra breast implants are BPA free.
  • Sientra implants are protected by the best warranty of any manufacturer

Despite the facts that we believe Sientra implants are better, you must understand that all implants can occasionally wrinkle or be palpable.

See How a Gummy Bear Implant Moves!

This short video demonstrates how Sientra’s highly cohesive silicone keeps it together under pressure, but still has plenty of give:

Want to feel a gummy bear implant for yourself? Contact us today for a free breast augmentation consultation!

Sientra’s Implant Shape Options


Classic Shaped

Oval Base

Round Base

Textured_Round Shaped_Classic Oval_Base Shaped_Round_Base

Three Projection Options (Round Implants Shown)*




low-profile-implant medium-profile-implant high-profile-implant

*Not available in all styles