PODCAST: Laura Cain’s Breast Augmentation Part 1: The Consultation

Before padded bathing suits were invented, 15-year-old Laura Cain’s mom sewed stuffing into her swimsuit tops to give her some curves. Decades later, Laura’s about to have breast augmentation at LJC with Dr. Luke Swistun and we’re talking to her about her thoughts and feelings before surgery and what led her to finally make the decision to get breast implants.

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Monique (00:14):
Welcome everyone to the La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast. And today we have a very special guest, someone whose voice you may have heard in the past on the radio. If you’ve been on Star 94.1 or any of the iHeart stations, you’ve probably heard her back with Jeff and Jer. So Laura Cain. Welcome.

Laura Cain (00:37):
Thank you, Monique. Thank you for having me on your podcast. This is exciting.

Monique (00:41):
It’s very exciting. So you’ve been on Star 94.1, right? For-

Laura Cain (00:46):
Well, I’ve been with Jeff and Jer, or I had been with Jeff and Jer or on the radio for about 27 years. We’ll make it now almost 30 years. But with Jeff and Jer, I was with them for 25 years.

Monique (00:58):

Laura Cain (00:59):
And for a lot of those years, we were at Star 94.1, but we were at different stations, but kind of popped around the county, at all the different stations around San Diego. But that was our most fun probably is that star 94.1 for sure.

Monique (01:12):
That’s so neat. I mean, we’ve been along around San Diego for 34 years now, so-

Laura Cain (01:19):
Oh wow.

Monique (01:19):
So almost that long.

Laura Cain (01:19):
Almost. Wow. That’s a long time.

Monique (01:23):
I know. Where, and when can we hear you these days? Like where should people tune in?

Laura Cain (01:28):
Well, every morning I am on various iHeart radio stations throughout San Diego County from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM, Monday through Friday. Because I do traffic. And then I do star 94.1 on the weekends. And then I do my own podcast and that’s on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. So I’m all over the place.

Monique (01:49):
You’re super busy. And your own…. Your own podcast is Laura Cain After Dark, correct?

Laura Cain (01:54):
Thank you. Yes. That you’ve been a guest on-

Monique (01:56):

Laura Cain (01:56):
…and you were fantastic.

Monique (01:58):
Super, super fun. You guys are hilarious. I love it. Let’s talk about what’s about to happen.

Laura Cain (02:06):
Oh my god. So good.

Monique (02:07):
So do you want to tell every, or do you want to spill the beans-

Laura Cain (02:11):

Monique (02:11):
…about what you’re going to do?

Laura Cain (02:12):
Okay. Well, should I just dive into like my story?

Monique (02:16):
Yeah, yeah.

Laura Cain (02:18):
This all started when I was 15-years-old and all of my friends developed breasts. Okay. And I was as flat as a board. And my mom, my sweet mom, she sewed a padded bra into my bathing suit. This is before they had padded bathing suits. So I would feel comfortable with all the girls that already had boobs because I had none. And throughout high school, zero boobs, college, tiny bit of boobs. When I gained some weight, I gained some boob weight, but then I gained a lot of boob weight when I had kids. Then, you know what happens to your boobs after that? They just kind of like shrivel up and they became these like not even bananas, they weren’t big enough to be bananas after that.

Laura Cain (03:00):
There was just not looking cute. And um, I’ve just always been super self-conscious about my breasts. Always. Like, if I’m ever with a guy or anything, I never take my top off. Or I make them turn the lights off. It’s just something that I’ve always been self-conscious about and I’ve always wanted to have breast augmentation ever since I was probably in my late twenties up until now, but it was never the right time. And it was never…it wasn’t with the right people. Like I…It just wasn’t the right fit. You know what I mean? Until now. And it just all came together and I’m so comfortable with you guys that I just like…you could do anything to me and I’d be okay with it. But I’m super excited about Dr. Swistun, I met him. He is fantastic. He’s very gentle, very soft-spoken, and knowledgeable.

Laura Cain (03:54):
When I left the consultation it was an hour long and he went over everything. I mean, things that could happen, things that will happen, things that probably won’t happen. Every question I had, he answered. I mean, at the end he was like, “do you have any questions”? I’m like, “oh my gosh, I need to process all this information you just gave me. No, I don’t think I do”.

Monique (04:15):
Yeah. He is really such an artist and-

Laura Cain (04:19):
Ooh, that’s good.

Monique (04:20):
Yeah. He is. You know, he’s been in the military and served in the Middle East and he’s been a physician and a photographer and he’s just, the man is amazing and we’re so happy that he’s in our practice. And I love that your mom could sew you a little solution.

Laura Cain (04:40):
Isn’t that so sweet?

Monique (04:41):
It’s really, really sweet.

Laura Cain (04:43):
She added some cotton batting, you know that batting material-

Monique (04:46):

Laura Cain (04:47):
… into the bra and made it so I had a little boobs, so I wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of all my friends, but that’s where it started.

Monique (04:55):
Now. Did you look at before and after pictures?

Laura Cain (04:58):
I mean, I have in the past, I guess, but for this surgical purpose, I kind of feel like I just want it to be my own thing. One of the questions that I’ve been asked is who do you want to look like? I’m like, I want it to look like me. I want to be me, but just better. Right. And just a little curvier. I’m not pointing to one set of boobs and say, that’s what I want. Because I guess I maybe don’t know one hundred percent what…you know?

Monique (05:28):
Well, I think that’s actually the smartest way to be. Because we have had patients who…You know, and it’s sometimes it’s really helpful, you can kind of go, “okay, here’s a before and after that sort of looks like me” because so many breasts are different. You know, they’re not all the same.

Monique (05:43):
And so… Like snowflakes.

Laura Cain (05:45):

Monique (05:46):
And sometimes if you bring in a picture of somebody that’s got a wide set chest and yours is not that way, or, I mean, it’s just so dependent on your anatomy. So I love the fact that you sort of were like, I want to look like me just curvy.

Laura Cain (06:00):
Since you said he’s kind of an artist, it gives him more freedom to kind of just go, “You know, this would look good on her”. I trust him. I mean, that’s how much I trust him is that I think I know that he will do what’s right for me.

Monique (06:13):
And do you have any idea about how much bigger you want to be?

Laura Cain (06:17):
Well, right now I’m a B. A small B. And I think I want to be a full C. I don’t want to have really big breasts and I don’t want to be super small either. I am five foot nine, and I feel like I just want boobs that match my body frame and just my personality. And my personality is not like giant-boob personality, but I’m just more just normal, I guess you could say the normal size.

Monique (06:46):
Yeah. Now did you do the implant sizing or is that what you’re going to do today?

Laura Cain (06:52):
I haven’t done it yet. Although I do have implants at my house that I acquired, who knows where, over the years, which I use in my bras now.

Monique (07:03):

Laura Cain (07:03):
But I think those are totally outdated by this point. I saw some laying on his counter and they’re like, some of them are long, some of them are high, some of them are low, some of our flat. There are so many different kinds!

Monique (07:15):
There’s so many different kinds of implants. And that is something that is great. When you go to the consultation, you get to feel, and touch, and see and understand the different profiles is sort of like how much they might project out or how… it’s really fascinating. But we also have what we call the Curves Connection, and it’s an implant sizing where they’re special sizers, which way back in the day we had… Dr. Saltz created her own sizers and she would use a bag of rice at different. And she’d had to figure out how many CCs would translate into, you know, the area. It was crazy.

Laura Cain (07:54):

Monique (07:54):
Now the implant companies make the sizers. And basically you put in a bra, like a soft bra. We put the sizers in. It allows you sort of to try on a size and weight. You put your shirt over it. So then you can kind of see like, “oh, okay, this is about right for me” or “no, I think I want to be a little bigger” or “maybe I want to be a little bit smaller”.

Monique (08:13):
So it’s kind of a way to try it on where you’re actually, you know, it’s not going to feel the same as if it were under your skin, but it would give you the look of your proportions, I guess, is the best. That’ll be fun. You get to do that today. She’s having her, her pre-op, her surgeries coming up!

Laura Cain (08:29):
I know, It happened fast.

Monique (08:33):
Is there anything you’re worried about?

Laura Cain (08:35):
I guess I’m worried about looking too fake. Looking too big. I just don’t want to look like, “Wow, that girl has a boob job”! you know what I mean? I just want to look more natural, but I’m not worried about it per se. I’m saying that’s just one of the things that I would be concerned with. But I’m not here. I’m not concerned about it.

Monique (08:58):
Oh that’s good.

Laura Cain (08:58):
I really am not.

Monique (08:59):
That’s good. Well, and at the beginning, they’re going to be swollen and they’re going to be-

Laura Cain (09:03):

Monique (09:03):
…higher. They settle. And I’m sure he talked to you about that.

Laura Cain (09:07):

Monique (09:07):
About how I think it’s nice because you sort of have some time to get used to them.

Laura Cain (09:11):
It’s going to be so weird.

New Speaker (09:15):
Now, is there any particular reason you chose La Jolla Cosmetic for your surgery?

Laura Cain (09:20):
Well, I had the opportunity of getting to know you guys through iHeart Media, because I do commercials for you guys. And I’ve met you all. And the minute I walked in here, I was like, “Okay, I totally fit in with this place. This place is my jam completely”. You guys are so kind and you’re so welcoming and you feel…you’re so comforting. I just was mesmerized. It’s like a magical place here at La Jolla Cosmetic. So I just felt like this is it. This is it.

Monique (09:53):
Well, I agree. Yeah. You know, I’ve been around with La Jolla Cosmetic for a long time. And I have to say, you know, I would…just like you that feeling, I would like jump on the table and say, “yeah, do whatever you want”.

Laura Cain (10:07):
Yeah I know, right?

Monique (10:08):
There’s a huge amount of trust. But I think that is something that sometimes you can’t put your finger on it. And as a patient, if you go for a consultation and if you have to ultimately feel that trust inside of you, that, yeah. Okay. I’m okay with what’s going to happen-

Laura Cain (10:24):

Monique (10:24):
…because you know, if you’ve never had surgery before, it’s sort of… It can be a scary thing, but you want to know that that team around you is got your back, that they’re going to be with you from the beginning to the end and everywhere in between, and that you trust their expertise. And that’s something that is, over the years that I’ve really noticed for our patients. And I noticed it in our reviews too, is just happy patients who refer their friends, they give us five star reviews. And the words that I hear a lot are comfortable. They made me feel comfortable.

Laura Cain (10:57):

Monique (10:58):
They made me feel like family. And that’s wonderful for us because we feel like a family. And it’s great when our patients feel that way too, that when they come in that they feel that they can trust us. And that they’re part of the fam.

Laura Cain (11:12):
I was at a dinner party the other night. And I had been telling the women that were at the party, what I was about to get done. And one of the women said, “I went to La Jolla Cosmetic to get a breast reduction. And what they did was they did a lift and they put a little implant in. So it would give me a little bit of a profile, like a good profile”, and she was like, “I would do it over again a hundred times, one million times over because”, just what you said, “I love La Jolla Cosmetics. The people there are so great. They made me feel so comfortable”. Exactly. Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable. And she was raving about you guys.

Monique (11:47):
Oh, that’s so nice. Yeah. So do you have a list of questions for Dr. Swistun? Like when you meet with him prior to surgery?

Laura Cain (11:54):
Well, somebody told me “Laura, talk about nipple size”. I’m like, oh my God. I didn’t even think about that. So I’m like, “what size do I want my nipples to be”? I mean since he might be removing one to… I have a lift on one side. So I’m going to ask him about that. And then I guess I’ll just ask them about the different sizes of the implants. And then I’ll ask his opinion. What does he think will look good on my frame?

Monique (12:19):

Laura Cain (12:20):
My anatomy.

Monique (12:21):
Yeah. You’re tall and skinny, so it’s going to be easy for you. You’re not going to look top heavy. You know what I mean?

Laura Cain (12:27):

Monique (12:27):
To have that proportional look, I think that’s, I guess this is coming from a short person, who’s like, “I would love to be 5’9”. So now tell us about just, you can like slip in that you’ve been up to the med spa and what tell us been doing up there.

Laura Cain (12:49):
Oh my gosh, what haven’t I done up there? I have done Botox. Duh. I’ve done Sculptra which is cool because I keep seeing the results. Like they keep happening over months and months and months. Like I keep seeing, like “Wow, my face looks better today than it did, like two weeks ago”. Why?

Monique (13:11):
Oh, wow.

Laura Cain (13:12):
Oh, the Sculptra! That’s right. And like my hollowing of my, what do you call these things right here?

Monique (13:18):

Laura Cain (13:18):
Temples. Duh. Temples. And then I had some hollowing in my cheeks, so they filled them and that looks so much better. So I’ve had that done. I’ve had my lips done. I’ve had some filler put under my eyes, so my eyes don’t look so sunk in. And oh, I had Ultherapy.

Monique (13:37):
Oh, right. You did. I remember seeing your post.

Laura Cain (13:41):
I had Ultherapy and that worked great because that helped my chin and the like, underneath the skin, underneath my chin, like tighten up. Which was great.

Monique (13:50):
Yeah. Ultherapy is the gold standard for lifting and tightening. It’s the coolest, and it helps stimulate collagen. So over time-

Laura Cain (13:57):

Monique (13:57):
…between the Sculptra and Ultherapy, they sort of are both working to help give you some, a little volume and it makes you just look so much more youthful.

Laura Cain (14:05):

Monique (14:05):
So you look fabulous.

Laura Cain (14:07):
Thank you.

Monique (14:07):
So whatever, whatever they’re doing up there, keep going. They’re done it right. Now, who’s going to be coming with you on the day of your surgery? And who’s taking care of you?

Laura Cain (14:17):
Well, I do a podcast called Laura Cain After Dark. And I do it with my two BFFs, Linda and Eric. And Linda is like, “Stop it. I’m going to take you. I’m going to make you food”. She’s like, has a meal plan for me. So like over the days all I have to do is take something out of their freezer or whatever. And she’s going to get me like compression socks. She says, “I’m going to set you up on your couch and you’re not going to have to move at all. Get your remotes in, you know, proportion perfectly. So you can just watch your shows and do whatever”.

Laura Cain (14:51):
So she’s going to pick me up and whenever I need to come back, I don’t know if it’s the next day, if you guys see us the next day, or if you see us the day after, I don’t know. I will find out, I guess later. So she’ll be there for that too.

Monique (15:04):
Oh good.

Laura Cain (15:04):
And then my daughter will be there. Hopefully she’ll take care of me. She’s 17. She’s got her own stuff going on, but I’m sure she’ll be like, “Mom”.

Monique (15:13):
Yeah. I’m sure she’ll be great.

Laura Cain (15:15):
Yeah, she will.

Monique (15:16):
So now you’re known for being very open with your life on the air.

Laura Cain (15:20):

Monique (15:20):
Will you be sharing about this?

Laura Cain (15:23):
I already have.

Monique (15:24):
Oh you have?

Laura Cain (15:24):
I dropped it on, uh, Linda and Eric the other night. Because well, between the consultation and the surgery, there was a very short amount of time because he happened to have one opening and it was two weeks after I had the consultation, which is usually you have to wait a little longer because they’re busy.

Monique (15:41):

Laura Cain (15:41):
So I didn’t tell them. And then on, when I record on Monday nights, I said, “Hey guys, I have an announcement”. And they’re like, “What”? I go, “I’m getting a boob job next Tuesday”. And they’re like, “What? Next Tuesday”? I’m like, “Yes”! So I’ve already let it out of the bag. So yeah, because I mean really why keep that a secret? Why even…If you have a way to better your body, why would you keep it a secret? I don’t know. I just don’t understand that philosophy. Like, “Oh, nobody can know I had a boob job. It’s just too private”. You know? Not for me. It isn’t I guess.

Monique (16:16):
Yeah. Well, I think that’s really awesome because I think a lot of women out there have questions and they want to hear from somebody as they go through the experience. And I think that’s really, it’s wonderful. Because it’s like… It’s all your BFFs.

Laura Cain (16:28):
Right, exactly.

Monique (16:30):
You’re helping. That you’re helping.

Laura Cain (16:32):
A lot of us, women are the same. We have our same concerns. We have our same body parts that we are…you know, don’t like, or for whatever reason. And I mean, we all have something we’re insecure about. So if you have the means to change it, change it.

Monique (16:46):
Yeah. Yeah. So you also have your own podcast… Laura Cain After Dark, and you said it comes on-

Laura Cain (16:53):
Tuesdays and Thursdays. We record on Monday nights, but our new episode comes out on Tuesday nights in the evening because we do talk about some naughty stuff sometimes. So it’s Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Monique (17:03):
That’s where the after dark part comes in.

Laura Cain (17:06):
Exactly. Exactly. Have to remind people sometimes. Well, it’s called after dark for a reason. But um… Eric can be a little naughty, but we love him for it. We’ve been doing it almost now for two years. So-

Monique (17:19):

Laura Cain (17:19):
… I know it’s a lot. As you know, as you now know doing a podcast is not like super easy.

Monique (17:26):
Yeah. And you’re doing it twice a week. We’re just once a week.

Laura Cain (17:30):
But still, I mean it’s not easy.

Monique (17:32):
Yeah. It’s a lot. So that’s exciting. So the next time we’re going to talk to you. So today she’s going to meet again with Dr. Swistun. She’s going to have her preoperative visit. And then the next time we’re going to talk to you, it’s going to be the day after your surgery. So if you had to make a prediction about how you’re going to feel one day after, what do you think?

Laura Cain (17:54):
I, and this is going to sound weird and it’s going to sound like we are right Laura, but I think I’m going to feel great. I think I’m going to feel great. I mean, I might be in a little pain. I can deal with it. And I know why I’m in a little pain, so it’s not going to be that big of a deal to me, I don’t think. I think I’m going to feel a little sleepy maybe, but I’m going to feel great. I’m going to feel happy.

Monique (18:20):
I think that’s a good mindset for any surgery.

Laura Cain (18:24):

Monique (18:24):
And today. You know, when you meet with the nurse and do your pre-op, we give you a booklet and it’s going to go through everything. And that really helps too. Because if you don’t know where you’re going, like, if you’re in a dark tunnel, it’s scary and you don’t know what to expect. But if you know you’ve got that light on and you’re like, “oh, okay, well, this is how I might feel the day after”, and “this is when to worry”, and “here’s when not to worry”. You know, it really it’s quite complete. And it really does help because at different points in the process, you sort of pay attention to different things. And it’s sort of like… You’re not thinking about swelling today, you’re thinking about going into surgery and what you need to do to get ready.

Laura Cain (19:06):

Monique (19:06):
But by the time surgery is over, then it’s like, “oh, okay, well now what did they say about swelling”? Or, “what did they say about garments” or all the things .

Laura Cain (19:15):
And it’s all in a booklet?

Monique (19:15):

Laura Cain (19:16):
Oh, that’s cool.

Monique (19:17):
So you’re going to have a whole like, little surgery Bible.

Laura Cain (19:22):
Oh, cool.

Monique (19:22):
So yeah. And I think that really helps because it has everything you need. It’s at your fingertips and whenever you need it, you can go right to that chapter and read again. And if you forgot, because it’s a lot. There’s a lot to take in.

Laura Cain (19:34):
Yeah. Well, that’s awesome. I’m excited.

Monique (19:38):
So now where should everybody follow you?

Laura Cain (19:42):
You can follow me on Instagram, Laura Cain After Dark. You can follow me on Facebook, Laura Cain After Dark. On YouTube, I’m just Laura Cain. And then I don’t really tweet. So you don’t have to bother with the Twitter. I never tweet. I just, I kind of stopped doing that a while ago. I’m mostly just on Instagram and Facebook.

Monique (20:00):

Laura Cain (20:00):
And then of course on Star 94.1, and then the podcasts are where anywhere you can find podcasts, just like the La Jolla podcast, La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast. You can get that on Google.

Monique (20:09):

Laura Cain (20:09):
You can get it on everywhere. Like, that’s where you can find ours too.

Monique (20:13):
Oh, good, good. Well, I’m so excited for you.

Laura Cain (20:16):
Thank you.

Monique (20:16):
Because I just think it’s just such a positive life change. And especially for somebody who’s been thinking about it for such a long time, it’s not like it’s a whim and you thought about it two weeks ago. You’ve given it careful thought, it’s obviously really important to you. And so that’s exciting is, you know, La Jolla Cosmetic, our brand promise is where dreams become real. So I really am excited-

Laura Cain (20:41):
Oh my god, it’s so true!

Monique (20:43):
…To make the dream real for you to have you, you know, being able to do that. So that’s exciting.

Laura Cain (20:50):
That’s what’s happening. I love that.

Monique (20:53):
I’ve got goosebumps now.

Laura Cain (20:54):
I know. Me too.

Monique (20:57):
All right. Well, you go have a good appointment.

Laura Cain (20:59):
Thank you.

Monique (20:59):
Thank you for coming on.

Laura Cain (21:01):

Monique (21:01):
And we will look forward to talking with you again after surgery.

Laura Cain (21:05):
I’m really looking forward to I really am. Thank you, Monique.

Monique (21:09):
All right, thanks.

Laura Cain (21:10):
Okay. Bye.

Announcer (21:18):
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