“I wanted the body of Janet Jackson!” – actual patient Wendy


Read About Wendy’s Experience

Wendy never had a strong feeling either way about plastic surgery until one night she was watching a movie with her husband and became interested in breast augmentation. Ultimately, she was happy with her body, but felt it could be more balanced. After speaking to her husband about the operation, he was against it, so she let the idea drop.

Years went by and Wendy was starting over after a divorce, and her thoughts for a breast enhancement returned. “It was something that I had given a lot of thought to, but I finally reached a point where I was ready to stop just thinking about it, and take action.”

Wendy wasn’t sure where to begin her research on breast augmentation, so she booked two consultations that she recognized as reputable plastic surgeons in the community. Unfortunately, her first consult left little to be desired. “I never felt comfortable with this plastic surgeon or that I really had a say in what I wanted. I knew that I could never have surgery with someone that I didn’t completely trust from start to finish.”

Her second consultation brought her to , a board certified plastic surgeon at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre (LJC). “Talk about a night and day difference! From the minute Dr. Roark entered the room and started talking to me, all I kept thinking was, wow, this is a really nice guy.” She was impressed about the time Dr. Roark spent explaining the procedure and what she wanted to achieve through surgery.

“Dr. Roark wanted me to describe what I thought would be the perfect look for me. I told him I wanted the body of Janet Jackson!” After much discussion, Dr. Roark and Wendy decided saline implants would be best to achieve her goals, and they evaluated different sizes to ensure they fit her body best. Wendy felt so comfortable with Dr. Roark that she immediately planned her surgery.

Through her breast augmentation, Wendy has achieved the results she was looking for—a body that looked like it fit together.

“I am so happy with the results and relieved I no longer worry about things fitting on the bottom half of my body, and then loose on the top.”*Wendy

Wendy continues to use Dr. Roark for additional services such as liposuction, Botox, Dysport, and dermal fillers. “I completely trust Dr. Roark and know that he will honestly tell me what would be best for me. He doesn’t hesitate to say no if he thinks I want something that I don’t need—I love that! I’ll be going to Dr. Roark and LJC for many, many years.”

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