Smart decision-making pays off for Jen

Like many women who choose to have breast augmentation, Jen knew from a young age that she would likely be happier with larger breasts.

I have always felt like the one thing missing was having a more feminine look to my body. I have always had curves, I just lacked them on the top half. I wanted to feel confident in a bathing suit. I wanted to be able to try clothes on and not feel limited…

Although she began considering the procedure in her early 20s, she chose to wait until she was a little older to make sure it was the right option for her. When she was ready, she had an easy time deciding which plastic surgeon she would consult with first, and she ended up going with her first choice: Dr. Ervin Wheeler at LJC.

My best friend worked for Dr. Wheeler for many years before he joined the LJC team. He came highly recommended! I felt so comfortable when I met Dr. Wheeler—I guess I just knew he was right for me. I had plenty to rely on with feedback from another friend who had her breasts done with him. I felt like he truly listened to me and what I wanted. He gave me his professional opinions, but in no way pushed them on me. He was just great all around!

Jen says that LJC’s clear emphasis on patient safety, the accredited surgical facility, and excellent patient education factored into her decision. But Dr. Wheeler’s experience and qualifications topped her list.

I wanted to feel confident in the doctor I was trusting with this surgery…by far the surgeon and his qualifications were the most important in my decision. It’s such a huge choice; I wanted to make sure I was in good hands. Plastic surgery is not something anyone wants to end up regretting. Two years later, I am beyond happy with my results. I know I made the right decision!

Jen remembers being very nervous, but excited in the days leading up to her surgery. She credits Dr. Wheeler and the LJC staff’s professional, friendly and reassuring manner for calming her nerves and making her experience comfortable and easy.

It’s such a personal and private experience. It helps to be surrounded by people who are very professional and there for all your needs. I remember being shy to stand in front of strangers with your bare chest…I remember waking up after surgery (very groggy), and I have no idea why but I just started crying. My boyfriend was by my side, and my nurse reassured him it was normal. She also told him not to worry that my breasts were up so high—they’d go down. It was a good laugh after…I felt so comfortable by the end of it, thanks to the caring staff.

Yet Jen deserves plenty of kudos for her thoughtful, deliberate approach to the plastic surgery process, which is clear in her advice to others considering breast augmentation:

Don’t feel rushed to do it. Make sure your reasons are solely about you, not based on others wants. It’s such a personal decision, and you have to be 100% sure about it. I waited 6 years before finally going through with it. Make sure you consider all options available and check out as many doctors as you need.

Jen is just as happy with the emotional changes she experienced after breast augmentation as she is with her new appearance:

I went from feeling insecure about my body to seeing myself in a new light. Shopping was so fun when I realized how good I felt in clothes I never would have even tried on before my surgery!

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