What to expect with your Brazilian Butt Lift at LJCSC

Our plastic surgeons perform Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in our private, accredited operating room facility at LJCSC. You’ll be asleep during the procedure, with your anesthesia provided by a board certified MD anesthesiologist.

What is involved in BBL surgery?

First, your surgeon will perform liposuction, removing excess fat from the predetermined areas and sculpting a natural, aesthetically pleasing shape to the area surrounding your buttocks. This fat is placed into a special canister, where it is purified and prepared for transfer to the buttocks.  After liposuction is complete, your LJCSC surgeon will inject fat into multiple locations in the buttocks, taking care to place the fat evenly and in specific amounts to enhance both the shape and size of the buttocks.

Improved techniques for more beautiful, predictable results

Traditionally, older fat transfer techniques had a “take” rate (permanency of transferred fat) of only around 30%. Our board certified plastic surgeons at LJCSC recognized this problem and have taken the time to train in newer, more reliable techniques that allow for safer, more efficient liposuction and fat purification. As a result, our Brazilian Butt Lift patients typically experience a higher than average “take” rate of 60-80%.

la jolla brazilian butt lift before and after
Actual LJCSC patient, before & after Brazilian Butt Lift**

What is Brazilian Butt Lift recovery like?

Following surgery, you will be placed into a compression garment, similar to a girdle, which will help to control swelling and support your healing results. You will likely feel very sore after the procedure, but pain is rarely an issue and can be easily controlled with pain medication.

You should be ready to resume normal daily activities and return to a desk job within 1 to 2 weeks after a Brazilian Butt Lift, with one unique requirement: you will not be allowed to sit directly on your butt for at least 2 weeks, except to use the bathroom. This is an important recovery instruction to follow, as placing pressure on the buttocks too soon can damage the fat grafts and cause your results to heal unevenly. This also means you will not be able to drive, fly, or ride in a car (unless you can lie in the backseat on your stomach) for the first week or two after your surgery.

After this initial healing period, you will need to modify your sitting position while driving, working, etc., using a “donut” pillow or kneeling chair. Our staff will help you come up with the best post-op sitting plan for your lifestyle.

Have questions? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our experienced LJCSC plastic surgeons. They’ll listen to your concerns and goals and help you decide if a Brazilian Butt Lift is the right option for you.

How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift cost?

At LJCSC in San Diego, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery ranges in cost depending on the surgical technique needed to achieve your goals. This fee includes our surgeon’s fee, operating room costs, anesthesia, post-op compression garments, and all of your pre- and post-operative care. Learn more about San Diego plastic surgery prices »

Are Brazilian Butt Lifts safe?

In the hands of a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon with specialized training and experience in gluteal fat transfer, the risk of serious complications is very low with Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. While there have been some reports of serious complications in recent years, in nearly all cases these complications can be traced back to the surgeon’s lack of qualification and experience. To ensure your safety, choose a board certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience in gluteal fat grafting and a proven track record for safe, beautiful patient outcomes.

At LJCSC, our body contouring specialists each have undergone extensive training in gluteal fat grafting and uphold best practices as outlined by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery joint Task Force for Safety in Gluteal Fat Grafting. You can learn more about Brazilian Butt Lift safety on our blog.