Spotlight Photo Fat Transfer for Body Contouring
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Innovations in Fat Grafting Offer New Solutions in Cosmetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery

Have you ever looked at your body and wished your proportions were different? Does one part of your body have “too much” while another “doesn’t have enough?” Do you find yourself thinking, “If only … I could take my fat from here and move it to there?”

Such thoughts are now becoming a reality as new fat transfer techniques emerge in San Diego as one of the hottest trends in medicine. New, proven technology enables plastic surgeons to offer a new group of natural procedures in which your own fat (adipose tissue) is harvested, processed, and delivered to another part of your body. Your own tissue is the key to the success of these procedures.

Focusing on Natural Solutions

If you’ve avoided certain cosmetic procedures because you don’t want artificial, foreign objects or substances in your body, then new fat transfer procedures may be right for you.

Changes in technology are being combined with changes in technique to produce much more desirable outcomes. Researchers and plastic surgeons improved methods to harvest, process, and deliver adipose tissue. As a result, we can now move your tissue from one part of your body to another with predictability and endurance. The results are consistent, last longer, and best of all, are more natural.

Transferring Your Fat from Here to There

Can you imagine reducing your thighs and increasing your buttocks? Perhaps you want more facial volume, and you are bothered by fat deposits in your tummy? What if you want to reduce your hips and increase your buttocks? Now it’s all possible.

Look at your body. Do you have two concerns? Do you have too much in one place and not enough in another? Now your two concerns can have one solution.

  • Face: There is an array of man-made fillers that deal with wrinkles and facial volume. Despite wide use, the current products have two challenges: they are not permanent, and they are expensive when used as volumizers. By contrast, the newest fat transfer techniques are more permanent and are excellent volumizers. Using your own tissue, fat transfer adds volume to for your cheeks, eyes, brow, and lips.
  • Buttocks: There has been a surge of interest in “butt lifts” in recent years. The surgical techniques are evolving, but complications and healing issues related to implants limit adoption by doctors and patients. On the other hand, surgeons are reporting high success rates using fat transfer to the buttocks.
  • Body: If you are considering a fat transfer procedure, your hips, thighs, buttocks, or tummy will most likely be the “donor” site where fat is removed. Then your fat will be processed, purified, and transferred to the area where you want volume. The ultimate result—your body will be leaner with better contours, and you will have a natural cosmetic solution for another “problem” area as you’ve defined it (i.e., your face, body, or buttocks).

Understanding Your Options

A new fat transfer alternative is now being offered at LJCSC. It addresses consumer’s desire for a natural option that produces cosmetic results without man-made implants or fillers. With traditional fat transfer techniques, the “take” (permanency of transferred fat) was 30%. With our new PureGraft system, the take doubles to 60%.

What is PureGraft™?

It is the only FDA-approved fat-washing system. The PureGraft system cleans (washes) your fat of blood, unnecessary fluid, and toxic free lipids. Using this process prior to transfer doubles the take of the fat transfer to 60% as compared to traditional methods that do not purify the fat.

Following PureGraft, your treated area feels totally normal. There should be no firmness or lumpiness. Your own tissue has been redistributed virtually permanently. Your donor site is smaller and more ideally contoured.