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If large breasts interfere with normal daily activities or with exercise, a breast reduction may be the answer for you. The intended result of a breast reduction surgery is a more attractive contour, a smaller breast size, and an improved self-image. This procedure can free you from health problems associated with excessively large breasts.

You may be a candidate for a breast reduction surgery if you have large, heavy breasts that cause breathing difficulties, back, shoulder and neck pain, poor posture, bra-strap indentations, and chafing under the breasts. This procedure may also help if you have excessive breast size, which can sometimes lead to a lack of self-confidence.

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While you may be considering breast reduction to improve your physical comfort, or just to have smaller breasts, our plastic surgeons consider it equally important to create a natural, aesthetically pleasing breast shape as well. Therefore, a breast lift is often part of breast reduction surgery.

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With smaller, lighter and shapelier breasts, you will be able to enjoy new freedom in many aspects of your life. Exercises like running, swimming, and dance will be more comfortable, you’ll have new options for clothing, and the back, neck, or shoulder pain that came from having large breasts will no longer control your life.

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